Locked up for four days now.
My coming out is sure twelve days from now.
The stress of Life…
Trying not to hype
This literary task
Lord, I pray to wax
Stronger in the midst of this multiple hours of
sticking my buttocks to this wooden son of a Tree
In trying to make this two-year old
*ANT-HO-BIO-LOGY a reality
The effect of this hurricane on the Shrine devastated structure
The son of man is trying to puncture
While gazing at this electronic rays
Is beginning to regurgitate the son of Adam
No daughter of Eve to gentle the deranged Organ.
Life goes on.
It is not fun in here, trying to clean up my bad tenses
Like some unwanted monthly visitors.
Am killing this laziness with a sledgehammer
Trying to finish this literary task within the stipulated time frame.
The supreme designer is involved.


3 thoughts on “Anthobiology” by goodnewseruemuare (@goodnewseruemuare)

  1. I love this write up.It’s short and witty.Great work @ Goodnewseruemuare.

    1. God bless your ink, @Gabriel.

  2. Keep writing. Keep rewriting. Never stop. It pays at the end.

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