My Aduke Has been Touched.(Part 2.)


Only for Aduke to have only made a half of a paragraph with her words, when the struggled speech collapsed abruptly, she lost her courage to fighting on, and again, broke down in another round of ceaseless tears…Awele became upset, suddenly. The inchoate narration was just beginning to form a real image on her mind. And the story has hardly made any indelible impression on her mind, before the narrator went bland. However, she tamed her anger. She wouldn’t let off them now, or else nothing is going to be heard again from Aduke. So ,she passionately, exhumed her head from where she had buried it, between her legs. She returned to patting her back gently, imploring her to continue. Empathy shone all over her she knew, from experience that the amount of calories needed to push out deep-seated pain is more than what a stipend can buy. She fought back a surging emotion, gathering up their clouds inside her. She knew if she let them burst into tears, it will flood away the core issue of the moment. Appearing mushy now will do more harm to the issue at hand.

Although she knew the direction the story seems to be heading, but she would rather plunge into any conclusion now,until she grabs the head and tail of her narrations. Even though she tried to dispel any ominous thoughts, a shaft of prenomination feelings wouldn’t stop pricking her within.“It would be nugatory now, if I continue to pat and, Aduke mouth remains muted.” Awele thought to herself. Still, Aduke looked on morosely, letting tears flow down freely from her bloodshot eye. Aduke became infuriated, and made her fuming anger go after her.“Ani kem seo? So ro lo. Ke sirun kihun, ton bo loke tile o le gba.” she badgered her for an explanation. With the stern reaction on her mother’s face, he muted lips loosened their gum, she doesn’t like the other side of her mom. And she knows very well that’s what she would be inviting if she stays defiant now.“He called my name immediately, I became visible to him” the narration re-established from the junction she stopped earlier. As she spoke in a slow, measured cadences. Her face bathed with tears, and emotion laden voice begged for empathy.

“Then a brief smile spread on her face, but I gave him a blank expression back. I didn’t show, or do anything to show making me feel interested in a conversation with, ra ra o. mami! Only for this fool to keep pestering me. He tried to use blarney on me, which I negated. When he was braying with laughter, I asked him what was amusing? I made sure he was 20 inches from, I could  sense from a far that he’s a tactile being, as he tried to touch me each time he completed each  word. (I wondered how many lady-preys would have fallen for her tactics.)Then, he was blunt with his words and wanted to woo me, saying: I really like you damsel, can I be your sugar in tasteless tea? I will always love you, give you everything you need. I’ll take you to  the city, and show you life… Blah, blah, blah. Soon that I read he’s hard up for something, for the desperation in her eyes glowed as he moved closer, Immediately I took to my heels and fled for my dear life. But he suddenly pounced after me, pursuing me like a lion….”

Awele’s eyes puckered , her assumption began to get more real, at the unfolding of each word. Incandescent with sorrow, she gradually sunk in the spot, where she had stood. She couldn’t imagine her innocent Aduke got defiled in her own father’s town! Nevertheless, she shrugged off the dark imaginations, and perished the thought. “mogbe”! It will never be so! She screamed some positive thinking innalely.“He however, outran me. And grabbed both my  hands from behind, I screamed on the top of my voice, he tried to gag my mouth with his coarse palms, but I struggled hard. Gag your mouth? “Grabbed both your hands? Yeah! Ogunwole ibo lo wa, mogbe o! “, Awele interrupted. “Beeni. MAMI” her emotions became visible in her voice again. But I screamed very loud, while I struggled to get my hands off him. He then… her voice begins to quake as she makes the statements that follow. He then rubbed my back gently, with his right palm, but suddenly left me, and went back his way. But mami, the deal has been done – he touched me! A numberless time! Emotion in which she concluded the narration would make a wood with flinty eyes give way to nippy tears.

Thereafter, I ran to the Yewa river, invoked the 37 gods and goddesses that inhabit it, to wake up from their slumber, and quickly have me now for a breakfast. But to my chagrin, they listened with their deaf ears. I threw myself on the baked ground, writhing my agony on afoko yeri’s body. I pleaded fervently for the land to have mercy on me and cover shame inside him. Afokeyeri was far asleep so I didn’t cave in- I don’t think he possesses the land. I beseeched Sango in my cries, if he would strike me down with his bolt, just once, but where is the husband of Oya, he is another mirror image of  the greek mythology. I hate the day I was born ,if  I had known, I wouldn’t have grace your agonizing calls. Mami I know I could have ran faster, maybe I could have begged orunmila, to send me a pair of hare’s fleeting legs, or perhaps rescue me from the hands of this ferocious predator. But is it needlessly I pour libation, and feed its 24 ‘sigidis?’ Now I am going to be pregnant  because someone touched me! What did i do to the gods to deserve this? Why didn’t the pitcher break when I went water fetching this morning? Why didn’t I strike my foot over stone in omen warning? Maami I can neither bear this shame, nor allow you become a pariah because of my ineptitude. I lacked the gumption – where is my valour ! I don’t want to bring any reproach on bami’s household Ogundele kin seni yeye. Please I know this would be hard, but do this for me. Give me a part of majele aje bi idan, let me just go, and meet iya mi Agba.As soon as she finished her prologue -like ode, she let off herself from her mom’s arms, beating her breast, she keeled over. Awele quickly found her solace on a bamboo stool nearby corner, where she continued sobbing her heart out. Nothing brings much pain, when you realized you are an empty box.

After getting the nun of the story, Awele felt a sudden chilling cold of relief. A few minutes ago, she had been a chimney where refuses burn blazing, with malignant smoke of vengeance oozing from her nostrils. With the new inflow of thoughts that flew in now, they seem to have doused, and her gnawing doubts has also been washed away. This will be the greatest turn around of her life, and she doubts if any other like this would ever happen to someone in her lifetime. She had been already planned how she will put law into her hands, and sever the whole flesh of the alleged rapist, who had the effrontery to flash search light on her tigress, with her own bear claws. With the turn around, after the full comprehension of what really happened to Aduke, there’s no cause for alarm, and no order for arsenal. Rather, she wiped off her unnecessary tears and smile of relief soon replace the look. Awele grinned inanely at another reminisce of the story, she began to lip syn a Thanksgiving song . Aduke on the other hand, was shuddered with amazement, at her mother’s reaction to her pain. Her eyes coloured with surprise. She needs some explanations behind what or has replaced her mother’s anguish with this noticeable joy. Her perpetually martyred expression has also been taken off from her face. Dumbfounded Aduke begged for some explanations now; “ what’s going on?” she asked confusedly.Ironically, it’s her  turn to ask for her own set of answers. Safe in the knowledge that her daughter is still a maiden, she grabbed her hands and gave her a warm hug. This only linger Aduke dilemma, she rebuffed the hug, as she couldn’t understand her mother’s apples and oranges gesture, in this depth of her sorrow.“Don’t worry my sweet Aduke, you will not get pregnant from those touches, “ she reassured her in a subtle tone.
She smiled sheepishly as she grabbed her baby’s left hand, and led her into the room. She must have a word on her ear, and give her a handle on sex too. Before now, she has laid it on with a towel that  has been touched by a man makes a virgin lose her virginity, and after get pregnant from the touches. It is time she explained what has been touched really mean, to this her naive, green, 15 years old Aduke. She knows, endangering her innocence would be fatal to her. If she continues, to use the scarecrow method,Or leaving serious issues (like this of sex) on the literal sense. This is not 16 centuries. It is time, she took her through some sex education, Aduke is no more a girl of yesterday, lest a smarter folk does a practical of the real touching on her, and she won’t rather share the ensuing touching body actions that transpired.


“Ani kem seo? So ro lo. Ke sirun kihun, ton bo loke tile o le gba.”

I say what’s the problem? Nothing is to hard to say!

ra ra o. mami!




Oguundele ibo lo wa mogbe o!

Ogundele , where are you? I am doomed o!

Beeni. MAMI

Yes mummy.


statues used in Idol worship.

Oya,Sango: types of God.

Afokoyeri; eulogy for the god of land.


My daddy.

Ogundele kin seni yeye

Ogundele is not one to be belittled


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  1. Hahaha! It was though with my Oxford dictionary. One or two Concord errors and synch but It was okay

  2. Hahaha! It is interesting though with my Oxford dictionary. One or two Concord errors and synch but It was okay

  3. Apologies for the little mix up in the story. Will work better on my proofreading next time. No excuses. Enjoy the reading.

  4. wow! mistake some mothers make….. now Awele knows better. it reminds me of how my aunty scolded her 13yr-old daughter for allowing her male class mate touch her when she started her menstrual circle…. And to the writer, you still need to write or rather edit the other parts in clear words.

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