Abducted #13

Paige tip-toed as quietly as possible out of the house, she brought out her phone and punched in numbers. She had left Amy eating in her room, she didn’t want to arouse any suspicion in her when she was interrogated. She responded in the simplest form possible and avoided details in an aid to protect her.

The call connected after four rings.

“Go ahead as planned” she said into the phone.

“Erase all details on Amy? Another person? Putting a living person on the dead list?”

“Erase Amy from existence” she said sternly. There was a sigh from the other end of the line.

“Yes ma’am” she hanged up and dialed a familiar number. She waited for the call to be answered.

“Is she safe?” The voice came on immediately

“She is Fletcher, she’s in good hands now”

“Did you transfer all the details from her phone and laptop?”

“Yes, I transferred everything and trashed both phone and laptop”

“Will it ever end Paige?” Mr Fletcher asked, sadness etched in each word.

“I wish I had an answer but I don’t”

“Please keep Amy safe” he pleaded.

“Your daughter is safe though she doesn’t exist. I erased her biometeric data”

“As long as she’s safe and alive. Thank you” he said and hanged up.

Paige heard movement somewhere from within the house, she quickly went into the house.


“Ryan, will she ever die? She’s like a cat with nine freaking lives” Steve said taking a sip from his drink. He came into town to help his buddy, and also put away his arch nemesis Desiree. That’s the only thing connecting them.

Steve left town nine years into her abduction because his wife accused him of infidelity. She threatened to leave with his kids. He wasn’t exactly enjoying the abduction escapades, he tried drifting away from them but couldn’t. Somehow Greg and Ryan always got him involved and blamed him for everything going wrong. He used his wife’s impending divorce as a leverage to leave town.

“She won’t escape the law, I promise”

“What did you do?” Steve asked curious.

“I didn’t do anything. A certain daughter I didn’t know until a year ago betrayed her. It’s a long story but there’s the bottom line; she refused to die for the upteemth time, there’s a manhunt for her and Greg’s murder case is in the court, she can escape what’s coming to her”

“Where is Desiree’s current location?”

“I don’t know yet. A bug have been trailing would have lead me directly to her location but she just went off the grid. She disappeared without a trace like Desiree. I’ve tried investigating her but nothing…it’s like she never existed”

“Only Desiree is capable of such”

“You’re also capable of it. Don’t you think you pushed her too far?” Steve asked holding his gaze. Ryan burrowed his brows, in a quick flash, his frown was replaced with glittering eyes and a smiley face.

“She’s somewhere watching on, but pray hard Steve, pray so hard that for your sake she doesn’t hurt your family. You were no saint back then neither are you now, she has contacted Holly’s family. They know she was murdered thanks to Desireé and they’re on her side. They will haunt you for murdering their mother-” Steve interrupted him.

“I’m not running Ryan”

“You’ll be dead before Desiree is done with you” Ryan said distraught. Steve got up.

“You don’t scare me, you can’t threaten me and I’m ready to pay for what I did.”

Ryan shook his head in sympathy. He knew Steve not fighting her would aid in pulling him down. He’s not ready to go down nor be jailed.

“One way or another, she’ll find you so will the law. All of us will pay for what we did to an innocent little girl” He added at the door before shutting the door behind him.


Dr Luke stared into space, something he couldn’t do without of recent. It was either endless staring or thinking about Desiree. With the dawn of each day, he hopes it will be the day she shows up. It might be futile to hope still he believes in his heart that she will return.

After staying with a friend for weeks, he got his own place. With him living alone, the loneliness spoke in depths, the silence echoed loudly. He started work again, to keep Desiree’s dream alive and to get his mind off the unpleasant reality he had.

He heard racket down the hall from his office, he snapped out of his wool gathering and went to find out the cause of the racket. He wasn’t successful in finding out the cause, he was about entering his office when he caught a glimpse of the stationary nurse flicking through files. He approached her, for some crazy reason, he believe the stationary attendant always has a scoop of everything.

“Hey, what’s the racket for?”

“An accident victim is missing, the other two don’t know where the third could be”

“Have the accident scene been thoroughly searched?”

“Yes, still no clue as to where she could-” Dr Luke cut him off.

“She? The missing victim is a female? A lady?”

“Your curiosity is getting the better part of you, do you know her?” The stationary nurse asked in a whisper leaning forward.

“I just want to know what’s the cause of the chaos”

“The supposed missing accident victim is a prosecutor in the country’s leading law firm. One would think that roaring man is her husband or father but he’s her boss”

“Fletcher’s firm?!” She nodded immediately

“Check for her name”

“There’s nothing about the accident…I had input the details in the system before I went to get a file. Dr Luke there’s no input for the accident that occurred, neither is there record of the missing….” The stationary nurse trailed off giving him an accusing look.

“I just came out of my office due to the chaos, I didn’t get any detail then I came to you” Dr Luke explained but it wasn’t satisfactory.

“I don’t know how involved you’re but my job could be on the line here”

“I promise you, I didn’t do anything” He turned in direction of the ‘roaring man’, nothing seem to pacify him. He couldn’t quite make out his words, he moved closer probably his curiosity still getting the better part of him.

“Amy was in the car when the accident occurred, the man in the car with her is fighting to living, the other sustained injures….but Amy, she just disappeared-”

Dr Luke zoomed out at this point. He’d prayed for a ray of hope today but he got the opposite.

“Amy could be in a bad state or abducted, both are a step away from death. Why does God hate me? First Desireé, her family now Amy! Where do I start?” He lamented.


Mrs Jefferson hurried into her room to answer her phone that has been ringing for the past five minutes. She picked up the device, the number wasn’t familiar but she hit the answer button anyway.

“Sniper” the voice came on. She instantly recognized the voice; Joe

“Are you there? Sniper?” Joe asked after an unusual and awkward pause.

“I’ve a name” Mrs Jefferson said quietly.

“I need Luke”

“NO!” She responded immediately.

“Calm down, baby momma. I have an impending project which concerns Desiree and I need someone from her inner circle. Luke is perfect”

“Take Annie”

“It’s your decision” Joe said and hanged up.

‘Annie has betrayed her, she’s involved already and this one little project won’t hurt her’ Mrs Jefferson said inwardly.


Ethan opened the door at the chime of the door bell, hoping it’s her or Miles but it isn’t. It’s a lady in a navy blue suit.

Ethan had done everything to find Desiree and Miles but still they are missing. He thought of involving the police but it seemed like a bad idea, it didn’t help in her first abduction, it won’t help now.

“I need you to come with me” The lady said. He was about speak when Miles came into view behind the lady.

“We need to leave right now” Miles said side stepping the lady. Ethan merely nodded.


Mrs Jefferson stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a robe, she quickly dressed up. She wanted to search for her son, she hadn’t heard nor seen him since he left. He haven’t been answering her or Annie calls, none of them knew where he was and his current state.

She took long strides to the door but stopped abruptly mid way as she caught a glimpse of the figure seated, sipping tea in her living room. Her bag fell from her hand, she instantly felt cold. She shivered in fear, visibly fidgeted. She rubbed her eyes..hoping it was playing games on her…but it was no game.

“You….you…you’re…..de…de..ad. De….dead peo..people….don’t come back alive…” She mumbled slightly above a whisper.

“That’s not the story my mother told me” Paige said softly gulping her tea. Her expression was motionless, making it difficult to discern.

Luke was right, Paige isn’t dead… But how? first Desiree flee abduction and came back alive after nineteen years now Paige!

“It can’t be..you’re dead. You begged for your life….I killed you….I watched you bleed to death, I saw your body dumped in the trash….you’re dead” Mrs Jefferson went on rumbling, shredding tears.

Paige watched on in silence sipping her tea at intervals.

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