How is 2016? – Sent from my Ipad




From: Adaobi Eze  <””>

To: Ikenna Eze <””>

Date/Time: 31 December 2015 / 22:00hrs

Subject: How is 2016?


Hi Ikenna,

Ke du?

I hear it is already New Year over there in Australia, as you people are 10 hours ahead. Hmmm you  are already in the future.  Can you imagine, same world but different times. God is amazing o.

Hubby,you haven’t called yet as you promised since 15th of December, anyways I know you’re busy, making money for the family over there. I understand, but people over here in Nigeria don’t, they ask me all sort of questions all the time.

Honey, I’m in the church now waiting for the crossover service and I have been thinking about what to pray for, for 2016, for me, for you, for us, for our twin boys. But before I pray I need you to tell me what the future looks like, as you’re already in it, so that I do not waste my time praying for what fate has already determined.

You’re already in the future, you are already in 2016 what have you seen about us:

Will I and the twin boys eventually get our papers and join you in Australia?

Or at least will you get a job that will not require you to work so hard and make you have time to call your family again every week?

Will you see you old parents whom you’ve left in Nigeria after two years?

Will I see you again, touch you again, and feel you in 2016?


Please , my love, if the answer to all my questions is no, then I will pray to God that he will give me and the boys the strength to wait another year, that he will give you strength to endure the hard work another year, that he will give your old parents another year to live , and that he will give me the strength to resist the temptation of those men who take advantage of your absence to toast me, telling me I’m still young and nicely figured even after two children.


However, if the answer to all my questions is yes. Then I will pray to God to help me hold myself when I see you, that I will not faint or weep loudly in the airport when I see you, because dear I’ve missed you.

Waiting for your reply from the future.


With love from 2015,



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4 thoughts on “How is 2016? – Sent from my Ipad” by aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

  1. @ Aghoghosam,Your letter is so touching.If I were in your shoes,I would feel the same way.Your readers have lessons to learn from this beautiful piece.I love it.Gabe

  2. Stories that touch…*no pun intend*. Sometimes the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” doesn’t feel so good. I love this piece. Sounds like a letter I would write if I were in her shoes.

  3. Lovely piece, probably same thing those separated by distance would say.

  4. Eyah! I say an AMEN to your prayer, if yes.

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