Later that same day, Nancy had gone to the clinic to get a doctors’ report about her maternity status, and the result came out positive, that she was actually with child. Apparently, it was the same doctor who had aborted for her on three several occasions that also conducted the pregnancy test. However, he didn’t … Continue reading PLEASURE AND PAIN – A SHORT STORY – Episode 7

My father is a ritualist

Not like my father had the Dangote or Okoya type of money. But he definitely could drag shoulders with the likes of bank MDs and some Nnewi businessman. He was an average man initially, owning 3 average cars. Long time ago, when my mother worked with the Lagos state government as a civil servant, she … Continue reading My father is a ritualist

CAN I [Careless Emotions]

CARELESS EMOTIONS * The sinews of my heart are taut again- Will it break? Or slackened into chords of ruptured fibre- Will it hold? My emotions have dissolved into your own- Will I drown? Or sail on perpetual seas of enamored feels- Will the storms pass? Even as I bemoan calm and tide- Will I … Continue reading CAN I [Careless Emotions]

Tell Me About Yourself

“So, tell me about yourself.” He gives me this instruction flippantly. But he doesn’t seek a serious response apparently. Since we began conversing, I’d identified his real interest; One that his eyes declared before his lips formed a sentence. It really wasn’t difficult, he made it plain as day And although my face kept his … Continue reading Tell Me About Yourself

Things That Leave Scars

******************************* Evelyn had her first experience yesterday. So today, when Besse visited- her smallish form propped up on a St. Luke’s bed- she had peered into her mother’s face- worry creases splayed up on her tender brows- and asked that same question Besse had asked her own mother, Evelyn’s grand-mother, when she was barely eight, … Continue reading Things That Leave Scars

A Hatchet, a Pen, and a Locket (Finale/Episode 7: Correcting the sins)

Episode 7: Correcting the sins Continuing with his explanation he said that the Mama Arinze they know, is a consciousness of herself from the future, she believes Ik is the reason her son, Arinze didn’t turn out successful and she came back to take care of Ik, stating that IK has seen a bit of … Continue reading A Hatchet, a Pen, and a Locket (Finale/Episode 7: Correcting the sins)