Your Hands against Her?


He came home wearing a strange look

She ran to receive the usual hugs and kisses

But Not this time

Confusion in the house

She pressed for answers

He yelled at her, she kept quiet

He slapped, kicked and pushed her

She fell and broke her right arm

In hospital she groans

Does she deserve this?

No one to take care of the essentials at home

He lives with regrets and finds no sleep

Oh Had I known

Too late, too late

2 thoughts on “Your Hands against Her?” by Gabe Uko Onwu (@Gabriel)

  1. Cool but not dat poetic enough. Please make it more of a narrative poem using imagery like metal pictures to represent her tribulation. Gabe check out my poem Abiku and criticize it. Need to see where am lacking. Compare it to wole Soyinka’s ABIKU and John pepper Clark Abiku

    1. @Jimbrah,thanks for reading it.I suggest you study it(read between lines).Except you have better synonyms to recommend and can adequately justify the’Metal'(sic) pictures you wish to see, my sonnet paints a metaphoric picture of one of the social ills in our society today.Characters in my poem and the subject matter are metaphorical.
      yes, I have read your own version of Abiku and apreciated it.Welcome on board!

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