Why Men Cheat

Wakama finally walked into the living room, bags were clutched in both hands – the left hand held more than three polythene bags, while her right carried her office purse. Her eyes narrowed at her man immediately, he was restlessly yawning out from the passageway. Jeffery kept his gaze on her too, hoping that everything he was communicating to her would be completely comprehended without verbal expressions.
‘What?’ She asked sharply, deliberately ignoring his bulging phallus, ‘Honey, how many times would I have to tell you not to leave the back door open. Three rats were almost trudging in through it when I came in; it was my interruption that stopped them. Heavens know how many might have entered before I got there.’
There was silence at first, it was difficult to tell either Wakama was oblivious of Jef’s advances or she was deliberately ignoring him, but Jeffery soon broke the silence, “You’ve been away since morning” he said almost in a hungry man whisper.
“Of course I know. But that still doesn’t have anything to do with this. Those rats could be poisonous, they could cause serious medical tension if they get to enter the kids’ room, you know how much I hate rats.” Her oral pipe seemed to have lost control as she kept on talking, scolding and condemning her hubby. “My children… – our childrens’ health is…- should be – paramount to us, if anything happens to them, you know what chaos we are going to be in.” She said as she clumsily dropped some of the items on the dining table. Her mind was hardly focused on anything she was doing.
“You are right Dear. I’m sorry… the -”
“There is no need to be sorry.” She said brusquely, the first bag she was now emptying on the table had some new provisions for her kids, she arranged it all neatly, unwrapping some from the packs. “You are always sorry, this is getting out of hand, you should consider not making use of that back door for some time. I think, with that you should be able to adjust perfectly. Rats and other dangerous animals creep in easily when doors are open.” She hissed as she started heading towards her room.
“Well, I’m sorry, I went to carry out some things from the booth of my car, and both hands were busy when I came in, that was why I actually forgot to close the door. How was your day? Bolatito has . . .”
“You really should consider not making use of that door for the main time… and meanwhile where is Bolatito? Why couldn’t you just tell her to carry out those things for you rather than going out and leaving the door widely open.”
Jeffery became dumbfounded, “Well, how was your day?” The sweet scent of her Sure™ spray hit him as she walked past him towards the kitchen to empty some packs, her face was held in a strong grip of angry fatigue, wrinkles and grime lined her forehead, she must have had a busy day, and when she didn’t reply his question, he pulled her towards himself slightly and pressed her against his chest, making playful attempts to caress her.
“Not now Dear. Not now” She flinched, “I’ve had a very busy day.”
When she noticed the quick frown that followed his letting her go, she wrapped him in a partial hug and buried a quick kiss on his left chin. Both the hug and the kiss didn’t last long enough; She winced as the minty reek of the dusting powder which he had applied, hit her nose. She continued inside without looking back, cleaning her lips with the back of her hand as if she had tasted something bitter.
Bolatito came in almost after Wakama left the sitting room. She carried a polythene bag too, where she had put all the food ingredients which she had gone to buy at the market. On sighting her master, she knelt.
“Good afternoon Oga”
“Welcome. Your madam is back” He said carefully, so that she’d quickly put things in place and not get beaten for any careless offence.”
“Oh!” Her face went sour, as she remembered the pot of boiling rice she’d left on the gas cooker. She ran into the kitchen but discovered that there was no reason to panic yet.
Jeffery was surprised when Wakama took a quick warm shower and got ready for church.
“Jeff. Have you forgotten that today is Thursday?! C’mon get ready for church. I expected that you would have gotten ready already, must you always wait for me all the time? This is getting too much Jeff.”
Jeffery swallowed loudly, this was indeed getting too much, but not from him.
“I’m not going to church this evening.” He said firmly, what he wanted more than church was obvious, but Wakama was deliberately ignoring.
Wakama made no attempt to plead or encourage him further, she picked her bible and her car keys, and led their two kids to church, leaving Jeffery behind.
“Bolatito, make sure dinner is ready before we get back,” Wakama instructed finally, as she and her children exited the house.
Jeffery listened from the master’s bedroom, as the main gate closed loudly when his wife drove out. She was no longer the Wakama he got married to; the Wakama who would always ask him about what was bothering him. The Wakama that would always make him feel like a superhero even when he did the smallest thing. Now, all her concern was ‘the kids’, she hadn’t even seen any danger in rats entering into their own room, it has now always been THE KIDS!
Bolatito knocked the door to the master’s bedroom, Jeff jumped up from bed. He had been dreaming dirty while awake.
“Yes, whos’it?”
“Oga, the phone dey ring” Bolatito’s voice came in.
“Okay, thanks” He rose from bed and hurried to the living room, it was his wife calling, “Why not call my handset?…okay Dear…Huh?” while on the call, Bolatito was getting the table set from afar, and looking at that chubby Yoruba girl, Jeffery began to notice some of the things that he’d never thought he would ever notice.
Bola was a full girl, she had a long black hair that contrasted beautifully with her very light skin, her face was almost round, but it was attractive and either she smiled or not, there was a dimple that had been permanently implanted in it. In between her teeth was a noticeable narrow space that crowned the beauty of her face. The careless clothes she wore, were those that Wakama gave to her, and because they had similar body structure, the top of most of her clothes was loose and when she bent, her chesty ballons called for attention.
Jeffery was holding the wavy ring of the telephone for thirty seconds, his eyes had caught the top of Bola’s breast while she was putting water into the jug, and he didn’t respond his wife.
“Are you listening?!” Wakama yelled from the caller’s end.
Jeffery’s attention was bought back partially. The call soon ended successfully, although he couldn’t pick out what Wakama requested in it. He kept his gaze on the house girl. Bolatito seemed to notice this too, she moved in a careful way – a way to advertise her body. When she turned to leave, Jeff noticed her big round behind, and he called out to her.
“Yes sir” There, before him again, was her innocent face – a maid’s face – a humble face, that face that Wakama once had when they were courting, the face that’ll make any man feel like the lord of one’s life.
He kept staring at the temptation.
“Yes sir” she said again, to call back his attention.
“Come over here” he beckoned. When she came, he pulled up her blouse.
She hesitated at first, and moaned reluctantly, but who wouldn’t know that such reluctance would never mean anything!

13 thoughts on “Why Men Cheat” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. Hahaha…I like that it ended without explicit details but I disagree with Wakama’s behaviour is enough reason for him to obey the bulges in his pants.

    1. Of course Wakama’s behaviour shoulld not be enough reason to fall into temptation, but you know when such habit cummulates, it births the unimaginable. Unfortunately, we do not know precisely for how long Wakama has been treating him like this.

      Thanks for reading @Mayree

  2. lead us not into temptation . . .

    A man who is always faithful should be praised–any idea how easy it is to cheat? Still, a man ought to be faithful. As relationships differ, so also the reasons why a woman may deny her man–his fundamental manly right–may differ too. Sometimes her reason may be genuine–have you ever had a conversation with someone with a really bad breath? what if same lips tried to kiss you? Jokes aside, its annoying when a person, man or woman, becomes selfish in a relationship.

    Nice write. I agree with @Mayree, the ‘no explicit detail’ worked.

    1. @namdi
      It really isn’t easy to be and to stay faithful…
      Thanks for reading

  3. Nice, Perfect ending, the rest should be left to imagination…

    1. Yea imagination. Although, absolutely predictable.
      Thanks for reading

  4. Yea…beautiful story. As @mayree said, I would even say there’s no reason enough for a man to cheat his wife…but not everyone thinks that way. Sadly, it’s much more easy to say cheating is bad when we are not the one in ‘hot shoes’ ….we should just hope and pray like @namdi ;lead us not into temptation. And as @namdi said, the woman might have genuine reasons ranging from stress and bad breaths to abuse at a younger age. All the same, it is wisdom if the woman sits down with the husband and discusses the issue with him…that is why they are a married couple in the first place.
    Well done.

    PS: Been a while, Levuz, funny I didn’t realise earlier that you are on NS..remember “oh ye rats…awocaf??”

    See ya around.

    1. Wao Wao Wao! @praize
      I’ve been on NS for about 2 years now, now I’m comfortable to note that another Great Ife student is here.
      Thanks for reading, and ??? Awo Cafe?, OH YE RATS! was organized at Mozambique Hall TV Room.

  5. Nice! altho i don’t think the story was explicit enough to why he would cheat..It looked more like an excuse. If there’ve been prerequisite events that led to this, then i’ll bite…so to me, the story was still a bit sketchy…More details would have made it better

    And oh paragraphs, i love paragraphs. Make a story more engaging.

    And unlike what Nnamdi mentioned, if bad breath was really one of the ishes for the woman, how then did they make the kids they have? or did he suddenly just grow bad breaths?(see why more details would have helped?)

    Most times, we usually just wrap ourselves in excuses to justify somethings. I personally do not condone women who for one reason or the other think its justifiable to starve their husbands of sex. I know we(the women) aint sex slave but then the dude was obviously starved(or so I’m imagining..see why more details would have helped) If it was just a one day thing, then perhaps… really he should go and sleep with himself jawe…

    And I also think couples should be able to pick the right time to talk about whatever was bothering them
    I mean come on, even the man could see she was exhausted and fretting over an issue that was obviously not an issue, na so conji hold am so steadfastly that he couldn’t read between the lines that “now isn’t the right time”?

    Na wa o!

    Nice story jawe…I wish it was more though. Kisses!

    1. Okay, more details would have made it more cool.
      Thanks for reading

  6. Nice one… BUT. I cannot condone cheating for any excuse whatsoever. He wld have handled the situation better, what if there was no maid? Would he have gone out for any random girl? Yup I think he would have.


    1. @ivybrown

      Of course the next available girl woudda been the victim, so I guess the maid was ‘lucky’

      Thanks for reading

  7. Oh my gosh continue!!!!

    Lovely writeup. Don’t agree with some of the comments. If Wakama is a bit naggy both of them should work it out. That’s not a license for him to sleep with the first lady he sees. Men shouldn’t cheat because their wives nag. If an affair is a cry for attention then something but must be wrong upstairs.

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