Our Worst Enemy

Our Worst Enemy







A dozen gun salutes rattled                                                       

My stomach, a war zone

Am I a confirmed carrier of ammunition?

Or ballistic missiles?


Unbearable and tortuous

Conference interrupted

Couldn’t you show some respect

To a respected public figure

At least before his audience?

Questions fell on deaf ears


Missiles reassembled,battalion on red alert

Like a professional athlete preparing for Olympics

I made for the other  office.

Tratatata,Yolatatatata,pram,pram, pram,proooooom!

In my groaning and whimpering,

I cursed the roadside food vendor

A premier suspect in my present predicament


The building about to come down, did I care?

Contents of my stomach emptied

Glad  that the intestines did not leave their duty post

Oh Diarrhoea! Oh Diarrhoea! Don’t ever visit me.


(c) Gabe O 2015

4 thoughts on “Our Worst Enemy” by Gabe Uko Onwu (@Gabriel)

  1. Hehehe….very funny.

    I can imagine the kind of bloody sweat that would have accompanied the intestinal assault.

    Well done.

  2. @ Ojstar, You gat it.Thank you for appreciating the piece.All the best,dear.

  3. Interesting piece!

    1. Many thanks @ Gere Ochuko.Just trying to follow your footstep. I enjoy your work.

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