Love Unrequited; Episode 4

Love Unrequited; Episode 4

Love Unrequited Cont’d

Late July, Dima got an invite to sing in a concert in Maitama, Abuja. Buchi was present as always and helped her with all the logistics involved. The response from the audience encouraged her and Dima was happy that she seemed to have gotten a good foothold in the Abuja social circle.

Her twitter handle, facebook page and instagram page soared while the number of followers and friends increased by the day. When she was not on stage, her time was spent checking up all her social media platforms, sometimes the comments made her smile and other times they infuriated her. She had not developed the thick skin of most public figures; she did not know the simple rule: you do not let it get to you, learn from it and move on. Consequently, her disposition could be likened to a rollercoaster; up one minute and down the next.

Such was her mood after her performance that night when she checked her social media for feedback, some were positive whilst others were not and this didn’t help her frame of mind. It was at that moment that Buchi walked in with a beautiful lady by his side. Dima looked expectantly at him and waited for him to make introductions. He cleared his throat nervously.

“Ehm Dima this is Cleo. She’s your new assistant.”

“Oh.” Dima said relieved. She stood up and offered her hand to Cleo for a handshake. “Welcome. It’s good to have you with us.” She had discussed with Buchi earlier about getting an assistant that could do all the ground-work and be responsible for bookings and any other engagement. She was glad Buchi came through once again but why had he hired such a beautiful lady?

“Thank you.” Cleo answered. “It’s good to be here working for you. I like your song.”

“Hmm thank you. I’m happy to hear the person who will work for me at least appreciates what I do. Sit down, please.” She gestured to Cleo.

She sat down and Buchi joined Dima on the couch. She looked towards Cleo. “The work will be vigorous and sometimes challenging but it can be enjoyable too. Are you ready to give what it takes?”

“Yes I am.”

“Cool. And do you have an idea of the remunerations?”

“Yes. Buchi told me on our way over.”

Dima raised her brows. Buchi,uh? No form of respect whatsoever? Interesting. She thought as she eyed Cleo thoughtfully.

“And you are comfortable with the amount?”

“I am.”

“Of course, bonuses and rewards will come when you do exceptionally well. That is a motivation to work hard.”

“I’ll do my best to move your career forward.”
Dima smiled. “I like your spirit.” She turned to Buchi and smiled at him too, her eyes filled with appreciation for his constant assistance. “Thank you so much dear.”

He smiled back at her. “My pleasure.” He gave her an intense look and Dima averted her eyes quickly.

Cleo caught the look and was momentarily confused. She looked from one to the other and Dima pretended not to see the look. She quickly diverted them both with a story she read online in a bid to diffuse Cleo’s curiosity. Nevertheless, the distraction was not 100% effective; there was still a speculative look in Cleo’s eyes and this irritated Dima. Oh please get over it already, Miss Buchi. She thought sarcastically.

That was how Cleo came into the fold.

Dima returned to Enugu after two days. She was happy she got Cleo to handle her affairs in Abuja when she couldn’t be there. It meant things are looking up. She could breathe easy. Or could she?…

….to be continued.

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  1. Hmmm????

    Enjoyed previous episodes better. This didn’t work for me; nothing dramatic.

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    1. Oh…sorry about that. Next episode will be better.

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