Love like a fairytale (Episode 2)

Screenshot_2015-12-10-17-41-39-1Episode 2: Wedding bells

“He’s cute you know, he would make a very good husband”, Mama said.

“Mama, nobody said anything about marriage”, Nkiru said to rebuff her mum’s new found hobby of matchmaking, but it didn’t stop her from talking. This one is a potential candidate my dear, you like him, and it is very obvious that he’s really into you, and see, he and Nonso have a bond too, a far better one than any of your previous dates, he’d make a fine husband.
“Mama, whenever they appear too good, it is too good to be true, even at that I can’t propose to him, he has to do it and for goodness sake we are not even dating”, Nkiru said getting tired of her mum’s antics, “I have to sleep now, to get to the office early tomorrow”, she added.

That dinner opened the door to more dinners, which brought Nk and Tayo closer, even to the point of been regarded as the office couple of the year by enthusiastic colleagues who took joy in dealing in asoebi sales and couldn’t help but push things that’ll lead to the next wedding ceremony. Much to the laughter and happiness of everyone around the day they announce their engagement to the entourage of friends and well wishers who they had invited over for Nonso’s eleventh birthday celebration hosted at Nk’s.

Three weeks later…

The wedding bells have been rung and the countdown had started to what has been termed the beginning of the biggest love story ever, said Amaka, who was feeling very optimistic about this been her year to get a man who would want to marry her. It was the fourth time she was going to be wearing the apparel of the chiefbridesmaid but none had given her so much joy as this was.

It’ll soon happen for you Amy, if it could happen for me after all I’ve been through, in a way I never expected I’m willing to bet yours will be epic, Nkiru comforted her dear friend, as they hugged with free flowing tears, not minding soiling their already made faces on this spectacular day.

They both made their way to the car as it was time to get to the church for the wedding. The congregation awaits, said a smiling Nkiru.
I wonder if its the waiting congregation or your soon to be husband you’re dying to see added Amaka. A smiling Nkiru replied, “what do you think”, by now they were already in the car. Nkiru took the opportunity to tell Amaka about an arguement she and Tayo had two nights ago because of a former girlfriend of his who was invited to her wedding and that she wasn’t comfortable with the lady been there, Amaka put her mind to ease reminding her that today was her special day.

And they got married…

“It’s just two weeks after our fairy tale wedding and we’ve already had five major arguements, thats a record”, Nkiru complained to Amaka her confidant. “I’m beginning to think I made a mistake getting married to him so soon irrespective of the overwhelming feelings I had and still have”, she added. “You’re just having post-wedding stress, as you said it was a fairing tale wedding ceremony and all the arguements could be as a result of not been fully settled in, just give it time”, Amaka comforted her friend.

“I’ve goten her full trust, she won’t suspect a thing by the time this blow is dealt, it could even provide an exit strategy for me, things are far better than I could have hoped for, all that’s left is your signal and I’m done with this job sir”, Tayo spoke in the mouthpiece with full confidence, expecting a reply from the other end but only heard the tone signalling the call had ended. Sighing he dropped the phone turned around and met Nonso, his adopted son by marriage staring at him.

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  1. @talius Suspense!!!!!!..this ain’t no fairytale no more. Now you’ve gat me engaged in the story..much better writing from u. Still some lapses in quotation marks but its a gud piece overall..I’m impressed *thumbs up* you deserve it.

  2. Thank you so much @screaminviola, I’m happy you like it. Stay tuned for more, the story is just getting started

  3. Interesting piece

  4. Thanks for reading @GereOchuko Stay tuned for more

  5. Yet another suspense…I hope Tayo is not about to play a fast one on his wife *fingers crossed*

  6. Thanks for reading @Mayree, stay tuned for future episodes, and you’ll discover what happens.

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