Love like a fairy tale (Episode one)

Love like a fairy tale (Episode one)

Chapter 1

Episode 1: Happily ever after

‘And they lived happily ever after’, she added, as conclusion to the tale she had started a while ago to her already sleeping son.

Nkiru was trying very hard to provide all her 10years old son needed to live happy and comfortable, so as to not feel in high regards the absence of a father figure in his life. “I do all this for him to not feel incomplete, how do I explain to him that his father left us for another woman? “, Nkiru always retorted to her mother in defense of her mom questioning the way she was raising Nonso up and her mother would always never fail to add that it wasn’t right as the boy has come of age and continuing in this path wasn’t in anyone’s good interest to which she agreed and always promised to curtail her excessive show of love to the young boy but always failed to uphold.

Life as a single mother was hard, life as a single working class mother was harder, this Nkiru always pointed out to whomever cared to listen. Been able to provide very well for Nonso was all that mattered to her and that’s why she didn’t mind the extra hours she had to put in at the office almost everyday with the aim of getting a promotion this year, its been long over due she always reminded herself the value the extra money would add to this her small family and would come in handy in the care for her son and mother.

And so today like most other days was frustrating at the office.

The beep tone came out loud. Nkiru had begun to lose count of how many calls she had answered today, she was beginning to get frustrated as it wasn’t even noon. Today seems to be a busy day Nk baby, said Tayo as he walked pass and flashed a smile at Nkiru to which she replied the gesture with a smile of her own.

There seems to be much complaint today about this last supply batch the phone lines keep buzzing, hope your department is finding it easier than we are today? she asked. There’s heat everywhere today, the MD just called for an emergency meeting by 12pm, I think most units of the last batch were not market fit and they were released and we all know the MD doesn’t like it when almost every customer is complaining at the same time. This is serious, who did this thing again na, abi do they want someone to be sacked, I do hope they fish out the person this time around from the manufacturing department added Amaka who shares a desk with Nkiru and was listening in on their conversation. Calm down Amy, I don’t think it’ll come to that let’s just wait for the meeting by noon to know what its about, to which she agreed and calmed down.

At exactly 4pm Nkiru was ready to go as the day’s work had officially ended and the weekend has officially started.

On her way she dropped by the supermarket to get the toiletries. She ran into Tayo and was surprised to see him there as he wasnt living around, he told her that he had just packed into the vicinity and that he was looking forward to coming over to her place for a specially prepared Sunday meal, she smiled and invited him over on Sunday to come spend the day with her family, the invitation made him very happy.

The table had been set, all that was left was the arrival of Tayo for them to begin demolishing the outstanding meal set on the beautifully kept dinning table. Nkiru had exhausted the little energy she had left after the marathon cooking on incessantly dialing his number to know his whereabout and was about heading to her room when a car horn was heard. ‘He’s here’, said her mom.

A few hours later…

Its half past six, I think its time to take my leave so as to rest for work tomorrow, thank you very much for today, I haven’t had a well cooked meal in weeks he said.
You probably should get married, Nkiru’s mother added. Immediately Nkiru cautioned her with the tone that implied her mum was stepping into personal territory, Tayo stood up and immediately spoke to relieve the atmosphere from the awkward tension plaguing them at the moment.

I’m thinking about it and I’ll do that once I find the one, throwing a smile Nkiru’s way as he spoke making her feel more discomfort than when her mum had made the remark making her momentarily regret why she rebuked her, she then put up a laugh and offered to see him to his car, at the car park she thanked him for coming and even commented on how he and her son communicated with ease as though both had known each other for long, to which he smiled, gave her a kiss on her forehead, entered his car and drove away.

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  1. @talius Looking forward to the next part. The story was good but there’s always room for improvement
    For starters: when a conversation is going on indicate with quotation marks. (Very important) secondly try to do more of showing instead of telling. In my opinion there was too much telling.

  2. Thanks @screamingviola, I’ve noted your observations.

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