I Long Throat For Thee



  I long throat for thee

She worth far more than a
Zillion sparrows.Invaluable , like my bequeathed
Sixteen Karate Gold.

Her price , is what  I paid
for mama selfless love; dare not
treat her with kids glove.

She is not a rebel,
But she is a coral
Her thoughts  in my downhearted heart
Higher than the stratosphere!
The lamp of love , lifted in my life
like a noon sun!
Brightening future , like my new dawn.

What more can I say, than
try and say more-
lauding praises to ye,
Angel in feminine form…

Like a grain field , in my bird’s dream
So I long for you
Like a pork meal , on my cleric palate
So i deride your state.

Taste me and see, if I am not your pepsil
Just a night out, if my love is fake or real!

2 thoughts on “I Long Throat For Thee” by petersonspecies (@Petersonspecies)

  1. Petersonspecies, Your poem is beautifully composed.Your judicious use of metaphor and simile to put your audience in this romantic feeling is commendable.Keep it up.

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