The Little Storyteller 2


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“So did you ask her?” Ij asked as soon as I jumped down from the car. From the little beads on her face, I could tell that she had been running to beat me to school this morning. We had had a bet about it and somehow I had overslept and forgotten all about it. However, I always got to school precisely fifteen minutes before the school bell. It didn’t matter if there was traffic or not, Mum always found a way to get me there on time. There were days she literally even has to drag me off the bed and throw me into the shower.

“Ask her? Who? …What are you talking about Ij?” I asked perplexed by the sudden query as we began to take the short walk into the school compound.

“Oh come on, Cole…stop pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about” I j retorted rolling her eyes as she pulled her backpack higher on her back.

“IJ…how do you expect me to know what you are talking about right out of the blue?” I asked sincerely confused but then, my gaze fell on Tommy as soon as we got into the compound and made our way towards our classroom. I halted and for a minute I was lost in a love trance. He was so gorgeous and I could bet that my dad was just as remarkable otherwise how else could mum have fallen for him?

I knew now that my dad wasn’t a criminal as some of my peers were thinking or that he wasn’t dead and forgotten like some stupid boys in my class had been made to believe and that gave me some sort of comfort. It was also good to know that he was alive and well, amazingly good-looking from the description mum had given about him-although I had somewhat wished she had kept at least some photograph of him.

From the description, he seemed to look just like Tommy except of course; Tommy was the smaller and younger version….

I let my little thoughts derail.

Soon, I was lost in a fantasy of Tommy and I getting married in a boat and having our honeymoon in Huawei like I’d seen so many times in movies.

Mum said it was okay to dream big, so of course I’m going to have a grand wedding with Tommy. She also said that it was good that I surround myself with people that would bring out the best in me. She said it was one of the wonderful reasons she had sent me to Imperial models High School. So, I’m thinking now that Tommy was one of the people Mum was talking about. I mean look at him…He’s remarkably handsome… and seeing him  always made me smile.

“Cole, are you even listening to me?” IJ asked interrupting my thoughts.

“Oh sorry you were saying?”, I asked resuming my walk into the classroom and finding my way down the aisle of desks and murmuring early-comers, to my own desk.

“Your mum…your dad?” IJ asked ignoring the fact that she had just passed her desk and was now sitting on mine with her eyebrows furrowed like she was expecting me to take the hint.

“Oh that!” I answered slumping on my seat and then setting my backpack by my chair. “She said they were friends” I answered, my face suddenly molded in a grimace as I watched Funke and her clique catwalk into the classroom. Following my stare, Ij jumped down from the desk and stood by my side.

“Well well…see who is back in school?” Funke jested chuckling. The two other stupid girls, Kemi and Jasmine walking beside her chuckled as well, even though there was nothing funny about what she had just said.

“So how was the suspension?” Funke asked a smirk on her lips.

Yeah she was the idiot that called me…not putting it modestly as before “A bastard” and I got two weeks suspension while she got a day off. Well you see, her father was the chief executive adviser of the present Governor so her lies were easy to believe while my honesty was shoved back in my face. Anyways, my suspension was put to good use- that was one amazing thing I loved about my mum. I traveled with her to one of the famous African runway shows of all time, slept in the most exotic hotels courtesy of the show sponsors and beneficiaries, swam in the coolest pool ever, ate the longest sharwama I could ever think of and had the nicest ice cream of my life…

So,yeah…it was a very beautiful suspension.

“It was fine” I answered standing up to face her like I did before. I could feel the tension oozing from IJ and knew that soon, she would flee like she did the other day when I got dragged into the principal’s office but surprisingly she didn’t move.

“Yea? So how is your whore of a mother?” Funke asked grinning. I could almost feel my fingers itching for a brawl as the saliva in my mouth was starting to dry up. This wasn’t the first time she’d called my mother that, but right now, I felt like making it the last time she’d ever…but then the school bell rang…….

“Let it go Cole…Let it go… the teachers will soon be here” IJ advised urging me as she took her leave and headed for her desk which was just two seats away. I nodded as I watched Funke laugh with her silly sidekicks and headed for her desk. I took a deep breath and then exhaled, remembering the promise I had made to my mum


“You can’t keep fighting in school Ni” Mum had scolded as we got into the house after thirty minutes of silence in the car on our way back from school-the day I slapped the nonsense out of Funke’s face.

“It wasn’t my fault” I had retorted slamming the door as soon as I walked into the sitting room.

“Look Ni, do I look like I care whose fault it is? Did I raise you to be scratching and punching at people’s faces? Where the hell did you get such an attitude from?” Mum had scolded on as she threw her bag on the couch and then turned squarely at me.

“She called me….” I yelled but stopped abruptly as if the word would choke me to death. The thought of it was already making tears roll down my eyes and I didn’t want to cry. I hate crying. Girls my age don’t cry.

“She called you what? A bastard? A bitch?” Mum asked angrily “Who hasn’t called anybody such a name before. It happens!” Mum roared angrily.

“But…But” I shuttered shocked that my mum wasn’t even a bit sympathetic.

“But what Ni? This isn’t the first time you are fighting at school and I’m fed up of you using that as an excuse to justify any of this” Mum continued her face softening at every word. It was as if the tears dropping from my eyes were starting to find their way to her heart. I felt sorry for her. If only she knew it was all a pretense. I have every intention of tearing Funke and her rubbish friends to pieces.

How many times do I have to tell them that I am not a bastard?

“I need you to promise me Nicole. Promise me that this will be the end of it. No more fighting. Everybody calls everybody a bastard or bitch or whatever at some point in their lives. I am not saying it is right but I’m saying it is not good enough reason to make someone bleed. Look at what you did to poor Funke’s mouth” Mum pleaded drawing closer to me now to wipe off my fake tears and I could have sworn that I saw a smirk on her lips as she pleaded but it disappeared almost as soon it came. And in my head, I was like,

I haven’t even started yet

“I appreciate you fighting for my honor as much as yours Nicole but please promise me you wouldn’t fight in school, in church, in the park or anywhere for that matter again” Mum asked consoling me as I sobbed away like I cared but in my mind, I was thinking:

Funke, you are so dead!

I nodded.

Realizing this was a good opportunity as ever to ask about my dad. I dried my eyes and with sobering eyes I asked “So is my dad like dead or something?”

“Dead?” Mum asked shocked.


To be continued…..

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  1. Wow!!! I love this. Full of drama. Funke’s mouth ddnt get a stitching the first time, maybe a second one would do just that!! *frowning face….. Lol….#NoViolence

    @kyceeq never disappoints.

    Keep it coming, but please quicker this time.


    1. Thanks sweet. More to come!

  2. good job highlighting the internal agonies of a child longing for an absent parent.
    Hawaii though, not Hauwei.

    1. yeah thanks so much for the correction. Saw it when it was already too late. Can’t wait to read from you. I have missed your stories o.

  3. It’s a lovely interesting piece, loved it.

    Keep it coming

    1. thanks darling. Appreciate you for reading

  4. Took a while between instalments and a while for my brain to reload the older story. A few surprising errors, the Huawei one for example was funny though, lol.
    Another example is, or that he wasn’t (was) dead and forgotten like some stupid boys in my class had been made to believe
    Still enjoyed it, the introduction of new characters was smooth. Story is building slowly. All the best.

    1. Noted sir/ma…. tanchu very much for reading.kisses!

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