Horror in the world: Victims and Victors (Short story)

Horror in the world: Victims and Victors (Short story)

This has to be rated the shortest and the most eye opening event I’ve ever witnessed.

The horrors in this world cannot fully be enumerated because more and more horrors spring up by the second, faster than anyone is able to take count off any longer.

From the corner that’s the window in my  room, I had a clear view to another of the world’s many wrong doings against the weak.

The context of my observation was the sighting of two beings undergoing a duel of great significance to their survival, it was evident that only one would come out of the duel alive.

The bigger of the two was out for the kill.

His attack patterns were clear that he held no regard for his opponents life; defying straight to the eye, the command that states, “thou shalt not kill”.

The evidently weaker one was already ensnared in the thickly woven trap-craft set by his superior, he knew his time was over but he wasn’t going to bow out of this duel a coward, because the daily pride of his lineage depends on the outcome of this struggle.

This is the story of the constant battle between the ant and the spider; I cried when I witnessed this one.

I’m angry because the spider keeps eating the ant, someone should tell the ants to stop challenging the spider and run for their dear lives.

3 thoughts on “Horror in the world: Victims and Victors (Short story)” by Arinze Talius Dike (@talius)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Hmm, short–very short; ah! you deprived us of the horror. I would have appreciated more details, the fight I mean.

  2. Arinze Rinzy Talius Dike (@talius)

    Haha @namdi. Thanks for stopping by

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