His Tasty Eyes

I am really hungry. I dial my friend’s number and tells him of my plight. He arrives soon and we hit the road.

”Where are we going?”, I ask.

”To find food”, he answers stopping the words in my mouth.

I could see no smile on his face. I wonder what could be hidden beneath those bulging eyes of his.

I admire his eyes, they are dreamy. They remind of those nights when all we hear are screams. Screams from the woods.
I smile and follow him. We walk down a deserted path, none but dead leaves litter the way.

I hear subtle unappealing sounds. Owls hooting, night birds chirping.

”where are we headed?”, I ask again, this time in a shaky voice.

The road is becoming creepy and I see bones.

”To find good food”. He answers and increases his pace. Stopping in his track, he stretches his hand and takes firm hold of my already sweaty hands.

He stops, looks me deep in the eyes and mutters something I didn’t hear.

We continue walking, soon we stop in front of a beautiful hut.

”Here we are”, he says. Smiling coyly.

He opens the door, ushering me into the room.

I see eyes, freshly served.
I see lumps. Of livers and lungs.

”Empress, what would you eat?”.

I hear him ask.

Turning around, my eyes meet his eyes gone.

I grin and grab the plate he is holding.

His eyes, it was freshly made and sauced with so much pepper.

5 thoughts on “His Tasty Eyes” by Maureen Alikor (@Wailingink)

  1. I don’t understand what I just read–no, it’s not bad; I just don’t understand it. How did the friend lead the way, with eyes gone?

  2. What’s up wit yr tenses. You missed past and present together wit no explanation.

  3. @namdi and @screamingviola took the words right outta my mouth. The suspense is a bit confusing except of course if the guy with dreamy eyes is a ghost or spirit of some sort.

  4. You left me sort of hanging…

  5. Hanging without parachute isn’t nice, do something.

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