The Golden Calabash: The Journey

Omifunke was not surprised when the high priestess called out her name as the prince’s travel companion. Something already told her that the journey was her mission. But, she had prayed silently to goddess to let the mission pass her. But obviously, the goddess was still too angry to answer her prayers.
“Omifunke, do you accept this journey?” the king asked.
Omifunke fell to her knees and answered “Your majesty, I accept this journey with all my heart.” This was of course a lie. It wasn’t that Omifunke was a coward; it was her travel companion that bothered her.
After another three days of protection rituals, Prince Adedayo and Omifunke were ready for their journey. Once they get to the dark lands, their mission was to locate the Omi Mountain. The Omi Mountain was the domain of the Omi goddess, the mountain was similar to the mountain where the priestesses lived, so it would be easy for Omifunke to identify it. Inside the mountain is where the Calabash would be. In other words, Omifunke and the prince were going to the land of the gods.
“Take this white stone, it will be your guide to where you need to go. Remember, this journey is for the prince. You are only going with him to protect him from the unseen.” The high priestess said, as she handed Omifunke the stone.
“Yes, your holiness.” Omifunke answered. She could detect a hint of sorrow in the high priestess’ voice but as usual, her face was expressionless.
“I do not need the protection of a woman.” The prince said in his arrogant voice.
“Of course you don’t” the high priestess answered with a smile.
“Keep your mouth shut and see the priestess as a guiding light to the goddess. Stop being so arrogant.” Her majesty the queen said from behind. Every one turned to face the queen and bowed. She smiled at them and walked straight to the high priestess and hugged her.
“Sister, did you think you would come to palace and leave without seeing me?” she asked with a smile.
“I dare not your majesty; I shall remain in the palace until they return from their journey. My sister we have a lot of catching up to do.” The high priestess smiled.
Everyone was surprised and confused, and Omifunke saw the high priestess smile genuinely for the first time, she couldn’t help but smile herself. Someone tapped Omifunke on the shoulder, she turned and it was her sister-apprentice Omitilewa.
“Sister, may the goddess give you the patience to handle the prince.” She said with a smile.
“I would simply turn him into a cat, if he gives me too much trouble.” Omifunke whispered with a mischievous grin.
“He would make a cute cat” Omitilewa whispered back and they both burst into laughter.
“May the goddess be with you on this journey and may you return victorious.” Omitilewa said suddenly with all seriousness.
“Thank you, sister.” Omifunke answered and they hugged each other.
“Mother, you didn’t have to come to bid me farewell, I am a grown man” Adedayo said.
“Grown man or not, I am still your mother” Queen Niniola responded as she hugged to him. “May the gods be with you.”
“The auspicious hour has come, it is time for you to leave.” The high priestess announced, and began to ring her little bell, the one she used to ward off evil spirits.
“Take this” Omitilewa said, handing over her bow and bag of arrows to Omifunke.
“I can’t take this. You know I can’t kill an animal.”
“There are more dangerous things than animals, take it you need it more than I do.” Omitilewa insisted.
“Bless you sister” Omifunke said as she took the bow and arrows and slung it over her shoulders. She heard the prince smirk, but she ignored it and mounted her horse. The guards opened the palace gates and they trotted out of the palace. As soon as the palace gates closed, the white stone began to glow.
“And the journey begins…” Prince Adedayo said.

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