The Golden Calabash: Demon Guardian Of The Dark Lands

“Whatever that is, it is not a friend. We have to get out of here fast!” Adedayo said, as he drew his sword. But it was too late. The creature already saw them. Adedayo could not explain what it was; it had red-hot eyes, the body of a man with a three horns on its head, one on both sides of its head and another on its forehead. Sometimes it was there, sometimes it was not. The horses were restless; they would have run if they weren’t tied down.
“May the goddess protect us” Omifunke prayed, her voice laced with fear.
“What is that thing?” Adedayo asked.
“It is one of the demon guardians of the dark lands, and he is not friendly.” She answered.
“Wow” Adedayo gripped his sword tighter and took a stance to fight the demon.
“You cannot fight it, you cannot outrun it.” Omifunke said.
“Nonsense, I can kill it, if I can see it.”
“No, that is its strength; it hates light and dwells in darkness. You can only see it if it wants you to, it could be standing right in front and you wouldn’t know.”
“Show yourself if you are brave enough to fight me” Adedayo yelled, challenging the demon.
“Are you mad? Did everything I just said enter your head at all?” Omifunke almost cried in frustration.
Adedayo ignored her and called out to the demon again “Show yourself if you are brave enough” he yelled again.
Suddenly, there was a roar-like laughter and the demon showed itself, it was completely naked and had claws for fingernails. Adedayo swallowed hard at the sight of the demon and almost began to regret his decision. But it was too late, it was now or never.
“Get behind me” he said to Omifunke without taking his eyes off the demon.
“Not a chance” Omifunke said, as she appeared beside him, her bow drawn and ready to let loose. “I understand now why Omitilewa gave me this, she is a priestess of prophecy and a seer, and she had foreseen this encounter.”
“I just hope you know how to use that thing” Adedayo said, still without taking his eyes off the demon. It was circling them, it was weighing his opponents and then suddenly it ran towards them. They split, Omifunke fired arrows at it non-stop. Adedayo even managed to slash it with his sword many times, but it was no use, the demon was relentless. It slashed Adedayo’s right arm with its claws, temporarily disabling the arm. It was a good thing that Adedayo was left handed.
It was frustrating that they could not see their opponent; and it used this to its advantage. The demon was relentless and the duo was getting tired. But in swing of luck, Adedayo’s sword hit demon’s forehead horn. It paralyzed the demon for a few seconds before it came at them again, but this time it was obviously weak.
“White stone, I need you help now. Please give me your light.” As soon as Adedayo said this, the white stone shone brightly from Omifunke’s pack where it had been waiting patiently for the prince’s command. The light was so bright that it blinded the demon; Adedayo took the chance and cut off the demon’s head in one clean swing. The demon collapsed, its head rolling on the ground and Adedayo fainted.
The next time he opened his eyes, he was on his back with a stinging pain on his arm, and Omifunke was sitting by side, swatting flies that dared to perch on his wound. He couldn’t tell whether it was night or day, but, he knew he was under a big shade.
“How long have I been out?” he asked.
“Three days, I put herbs on your wound; it will draw out the demon’s poison” she answered. He could detect anger in her voice, she was mad at him. His eyes were getting heavy again, but he knew, the moment she stood beside him and drew her bow that she was the woman he had been waiting for.

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