finding justice

Finding Justice

Have you seen my lady, my lady Justice?
Her sword is sharp, her thoughts are just…
Her scales are right, her eyes are bound
Oh! Have you seen my mistress
Please tell have you seen her?

In fields and towns, on bar and bench
In courtyards and courtrooms I searched for her…
In tribunals and meetings, even panels and sittings
But none had heard of my mistress, none.

I found my mistress in a dark alley
Her sword was lost, her scales were tipped
Eyes unbound to earthly pleasures
She now sells her soul to the highest bidder!

3 thoughts on “Finding Justice” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Wao, Beautiful. work.

    1. @Gabe, thanks a bunch. I apprec8 the love

  2. @edydeyemi. Lovely piece. As a lawyer I’ve seen your mistress in my dreams and imaginations I don’t think she exists in real life.

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