It was the early morning of the 25th of December. The time on the giant clock on display from the cathedral read 4:30 a.m.

Those who had attended the Christmas eve service were returning from their various churches, and flooded the streets that early. Those who had attended the Cathedral on the Peninsula in Lekki Lagos state’s service had just closed, and joined the worldwide multitude of Christian faithfuls in proclaiming Christ’s birth as they walked to their various homes. That’s when they came across it. An alley full of dead bodies.

By 7 a.m, the police, came around with a lot of ambulance, and mortuary vehicles, and were trying to clear the alley. This was a dark Christmas, and it was one to be remembered. On social media, trending, was the body count in the alley which was insinuated to be more than thirty.

‘Who could have done such a terrible thing? To have killed all those innocent people on Christmas day’.

That was the question on the lips of all. No one had claimed responsibility for the corpses sudden surface. The entire country was on alert. This seems to be the highest panic ever realised in the country. It was a new brand of attack.

Perhaps there’s a new insurgent group in the country, uprising from the centre of Excellence. Lagos had always had it easy, going scot free amidst the many crises in the country. There was no bomb, no shoot out, no witness to this particular attack against humanity, just the realization of dead bodies. Perhaps it was a cult meeting gone wrong, but that surely would have had eye witnesses.

Who killed this people? That’s what the state government wants to find out.

A curfew was declared on the Lekki Peninsula, especially on residents around where the dead bodies were found this morning.

The youths of the vicinity protested. ‘Christmas should not be stopped because some unfortunate people died’, they said in one voice, clamouring for freedom to celebrate Christmas without the scrutinizing eye of the government.

A quiet evening protest, turned to an all out war between the youths and the police, who had come to ensure a peaceful protest. The youths didn’t understand the need for the police presence in their protest. Their Christmas had been ruined, and they didn’t mind transferring their anger to the government through the police.

The intervention of the military was required to calm the heavy scuffle. No one died, two police officers were injured to the point of needing intensive care treatment. Everyone was placed on house arrest, no one was to be seen on the street for the next 48 hours.

The media had a swell time making money peddling the news of the happenings on the Peninsula by the people of Lekki. After three days, sales began to dwindle. The people of Lekki were released from curfew, and prepared to crossover to the new year.

On new year’s eve, the residents of Lekki moved in groups to their various places of worship for the crossover service. No one wanted to be the scape goat for the mystery killer should he decide to have a repeat showdown for the new year.

Mary and Mathias, young lovers, with a shared love that blossomed daily, were residents of Lekki. Like most people, they weren’t home on crossover night, but unlike most people, they didn’t go to church, neither did they attend a street carnival. They left their various homes to come meet at their usual rendezvous point, the alley at Brown’s street.
They were in the peak of their love making when Mary began to choke.

At the other end of the alley, was a man, with a shadow far bigger and scarier than his stance appeared. His hand gestures made motions that tallied with the way Mary twitched and gasped for breath.

In a surprising show of speed, he appeared by their side within a second of where he formerly was.

‘Could this be the infamous killer the people are scared of?’, Mathias asked himself, trembling.

There wasn’t enough time for his brain to give him an answer. The killer stabbed him with a knife, and immediately proceeded to slit his throat.

Alas! This was the killer. The man who the media reportedly accused of killing about thirty people less than a week ago. He was here, probably to strike again. He wasn’t as discrete now as he was at his last job.

Mary screamed as loud as she could. The love her life has just been murdered. The whole world must hear this. The attention of church goers were drawn to the sharp piercing scream of a heartbroken young girl mourning for her lost love. In few seconds the alley was flooded with people, cameras were on the roll, and the killer was trapped, with supposedly no where to run.

A young girl of about twelve years suddenly screamed, ‘There’s blood on Father Christmas face’.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the killer’s appearance. A police helicopter above focused its light on the killer. The killer-figure was clothed with the costume of Santa Clause. The light focused to his face to show a disfigured man. His facial appearance was hard to deduce if it was designed by fire burns or by deep slashes. Whatever the case, he appeared cold and inhuman.

The police said their normal phrase, ‘you have the right to remain silent, everything you say will be used against you in the court of law’. The Killer Santa gave a wide grin, and then charged towards the little girl who had scream his name. The police didn’t give him a chance, as they opened fire on him.

Dark Santa dropped dead.

The next day been the first day of the new year, the major headline on all news stations and papers read, ‘twenty children killed at the general hospital last night, supposedly by the Dark Santa, as his body was no where to be found’.

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