Cell, A Unit Of Life

Cell, A Unit Of Life

In this niche so to call
But a cell
Not even an inch to throw
Or play a ball
We fall and rise
In this hell of guilt

In this cloudy but
Lonely jungle
Where we sing and mingle
All along
Some day
We’ll all become single
And all apart

Is this really a cell?
Or a unit of life?
Size like a pit but
Capacity more than a net
Growing and raising
Some stingy sticky pets

What a stuffy place
To behold for a while
Some come and live
For all their life
Here is rich and well equipped
With both the poor and rich

In this net so to call
But not a hall
Where we smell the iron
That serves like a door
Same is used as a bell
To call for a need

Tears and fear are all we bear
We share, hear and feel for others tales
But that keeps us strong
And hopeful enough
A unit of life now a unit to live
What an irony of life to behold.

2 thoughts on “Cell, A Unit Of Life” by Christopher Titus (@christitus)

  1. A tragic experience for many I must confess. Good piece @ Christopher.

  2. Christopher Titus (@christitus)

    yea! really a tragic and uncomfortable experience @Gabriel!
    thanks for stopping by!!

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