White Rag

Let’s hoist the white rag
We pray to see white rags
Waving to the heavens
A white rag we want

We don’t need a red rag
Patch with white
We hate the red rag
You have dyed white

Pull down the red rag
We will burn it to ashes
We hope to see white rags
A stark white rag

Islam wave your white rag
Christendom wave your white rag
Nations wave your white rags
Let all humanity hoist the white rag

This was the prayer of our fathers
The wish of the new generation
The hope of the unborn,
Let all hoist a white rag

2 thoughts on “White Rag” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. I pray this hope into Nigeria
    I really pray.


    “Just deal with it, I’m out of here” he said to her, leaving her office and slamming the door shut.

    Tsunade stared at the door for a while, then resumed typing on her computer. She would handle him later.

    She had to file her report first, her motto has always been work while you work and play while you play. Or so she’d read on a bumper sticker somewhere. continue reading

  2. My sincere hope is for humanity to pull out of this with few scratches. #whiteflags

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