Sworn Enemies- Episode 2

Chapter 2
Chioma dusted her body, turned to Jerry, eyed
him, turned towards the door and left. She was
breathing faster than she could ever imagine. She
hated Once with everything in her, and would like
to see him disappear.
Firstly, he is not the best yet he does thing as if
he is the best. In qualification of expertise, Rachael
is better than he is. He is not as handsome as
Jerry neither is he half-handsome as Kasali their
Secondly, he was the one that caught her mother
who is held captive at an unknown location to
make Chioma do the bad things she had found
herself delving into of late.
Thirdly, he was the one sent to kill Bidemi and had
tried to kill him again.
She had made sure she told Chief that no one
should be allowed to see Bidemi. She told him that
almost every one there do not like Bidemi and if
they are given access to him, they would try to do
him harm though they might want not want to kill
him because they knew what Chief would do to
them if they ever try that. Once might have done
something to Bidemi if she was not there.
She rushed through the bush that hid the
workshop. She would report Once to Chief, she
would show him how a lady was better than guys;
they do things better and neater than the guys. He
had shown himself as a potential danger and she
needed to take him down with every power she
had as the personal assistance of Chief, his brain
She was about to get out of the bush to enter the
compound when a strong arm grabbed her from
behind. She was terrified, and choked. She
moaned and kicked but the hand was stronger.
She knew whose hand it was before she could
even see the face. He carried her away amidst her
incessant kicks. She pushed her back against her
assailant’s chest with the hope he would put her
down but it was a fruitless action.
He dragged her on, and stopped. It was Once. He
tied her hand and a dark blue rickety car drove out
of the bush. Once gagged her, and tied her hand.
He dumped her into the booth of the Volvo and
shut the booth, plunging her into darkness.
Chioma shivered though the booth was emitting
great heat. She knew she had offended him but
she did not expect this from him. Rather, she did
not expect it to be this fast. Hot liquid began to
flow down her face. Her breathe was faster than
cowbell jingle. They plied a rough road for
sometimes. Then, the road became smoother and
they journeyed on. Chioma kept moaning and
trying to loosen the rope. She tried to slash the
rope with the rough edges in the booth but it was
to no avail. She cried with all her strength but the
gag did not make any meaningful noise come out
of her mouth. She kicked the booth and tried
everything but nothing happened and she gave up
the fight. She was weak, and her eyes began to
The booth smelt of dry blood, and she understood
that the car was one of the few used to assassinate
people. She hated herself for advising Chief to give
his men free hand.
The car kept moving, and she did not know what
to do. The only thing that kept coming to her mind
was her last prayer because though Once was not
the best killer, he was the next to Rachael and
Jessica. And he is the best in every state Jessica
and Rachael had never being to.
‘Slowly…’ Once said as he opened the booth and
dragged out of it. He removed her gag and she
sucked in air.
‘Help…’ She screamed. Once stared at her as she
fought with the rope. She hated to be in a position
like this when she can only use her mouth but not
her legs, which can carry faster than the wing of
any bird can carry it. She moved about, still
screaming. Once stared at her.
‘Idiot… No one will hear you here… Welcome to
Elelyele dam, where your life is damned. As the
name implies: Eleyele, it means something in
Yoruba land, you know. It means that you, the
dove( Eleyele), cannot eat with the owner of the
house, drink with the owner of the house and on
the last day i.e. the day of death, this same dove
run away, fighting for his own life’.
‘Shut up! Who ask you for sermon? The
organisation will find you. They will hunt you and
they will slash out every bone and marrow in you
for what you have done to me. You have been
missing for some time now and someone will
notice that I disappeared the same time you
Once laughed and nodded, his gun raised high as
he fixed his gaze on her.’ You are good. You
calculate well. I see why chief can’t do without
you. I would soon take your position’.
‘Shut up…’ Chioma said and rose with her hands
still tied behind her as she stared dagger at him.
She swallowed hard and wished she could get
something to kill him.
‘To inform you before your death. It will do you
good to know that I have someone who will stand
as an alibi for me. According to her, I was inside
her…you know what I mean now… ehen…That I
was inside her at the time of your being missing’,
Once said and turned, spreading his hand. He
laughed when Chioma tried to come towards him.’
You are a killjoy. I was telling you a story about
the dove that does not leave the person he had
eaten with most of its life. So….’ Once laughed
hysterically. ’ You know what, I love you… You
make me laugh. I mean from my heart and I love
that. If I were a magician, I would have love to
keep you alive to amuse me every day’.
Chioma had gotten some feet away from him, she
spat into his face, her feet digging into the shrubs
of the elephant grass there. He wiped the spit off
his face, smiled and laughed. Chioma was
surprised at the way he was doing. She wondered
what he was up to.
‘Back to the story of dove. Who do you think is
your dove?’
Chioma wondered who the person might be. She
thought but did not know how the person was. She
swallowed hard as she scratched her mother out
of the expected dove. Although, she wished to see
her mother for another time, she knew it could
never be her mother. Once would never get the
idea of the place Chief kept her mother, and that
made Chioma be at peace. At least, she would die
without seeing her mother dead.
‘You don’t know… Okay let me call…’
‘Shut up! You are demented. You need to be
treated for extreme madness of the head. I’ll kill
you… I’ll kill you’.
‘Shut up, Chioma, Shut up. You are not even
dramatic, I was going to call the person holding
your dove, but you kept interrupting’.
Chioma sighed as her eyes darted from one part of
the forest they were. The bids around sang, jolting
her. She looked about the bush.
‘Okay… I call on Stone to present Chioma’s dove’


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