Ezinne was breathing hard and fast. She had just returned from an intense jogging session which ended with running.
She was back home, sitting on the floor with her legs spread out, and her head banging. It’d been a good one for as long as it was good. She hadn’t run so far and fast in ages. Whew!

She had left her apartment in the Life Camp area of Abuja around 5am. It had been a while since she’d done any serious exercise but she’d woken up early, brimming with energy. ‘Maybe it’s time to take advantage of this beautiful winding road’, she thought. She hadn’t gone too far after the initial warm up session, and her heart was already car speakers with awesome bass. She slowed down and laughed to herself. ‘This will teach you not to live a sedentary lifestyle for so long, Ezi’.

Ezinne had just jogged her way to the Life Camp Park when she met a guy tying his shoelaces. As she passed him, he looked up and nodded. She returned the nod. It was the usual nod of acknowledgment that exercisers gave to each other.
She’d segued into a brisk walk when she heard him catch up with her.

“Hi. My name’s Femi.”
“Hello, Femi”.
“What’s your name?”
“Pretty name. Do you live around here? I’m out every morning and I’ve never seen you”.
“I moved to this area recently and I’ve not exercised since I moved in. What about you? Do you live around here?”

Femi looked away, even as he kept pace with her brisk steps .
“Come on! Don’t suddenly start acting shy”!
“Well, I used to live on Cherry Street”. “Really?? Wow. Rich kid, eh?”
” Haha. Not so rich at the moment “.
“I’ll act like I believe you. So… where do you live now?”

Femi hesitated, and so she tried to make him feel comfortable about telling her. He seemed like a really cool guy and it’d be nice to have a friend and a motivation to work out a bit every morning.
“Femi, it’s cool. I promise you I’m not a stalker”.
“Alright. I’ll show you…”
He jogged ahead and she found herself jogging with him into a posh-looking area- Dogwood Close. It was a long road with massive ungated houses with twinkling eyes on the left and right. ‘Wow! Lots of places to walk in Life Camp. Whodathunk’.

“So much for not being so rich at the moment, rich kid”, Ezinne said. And she laughed. Femi just kept jogging and then he stopped in front of one of the houses. “That is where I live”, said Femi, but he was pointing not at the building but somewhere to the left. The sky was getting a bit lighter. Dawn was close. She squinted a bit, then laughed. “Hahaha. You’re crazy funny, Femi. That’s a tombstone.” She turned around to poke him for playing with her like that, and She. Saw. Him. Disappear. Into thin air.

She got an instant headache, and yes, that jog morphed into a race. Back home where she’d collapse on the floor, shivering and numb. Numb everywhere but in her head, where she had the most intense headache.

Maybe sedentary wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Or a treadmill. Yes.

Good idea.

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  1. An early morning surprise, yeah! Nice one.

    The dialogues were a little bit difficult to read–not enough space between them. Well, my personal view.

  2. Nice! Never thought it would end that way. Next installment please…

  3. I love this a lot….and I agree with @namdi on d dialogues. Beautiful! Yorubas say “Soki lobe oge!” Sorry can’t interpret.

  4. Fun story, lol. Who wouldn’t run after that apparition

  5. After that, she’ll be damned to run that early again. Lovely piece

  6. Wow! he disappeared for real, I bet I’ll have more that fever. @ojestar “soki lobe oge” translated as “a maiden cooks her soup in modicum”

    1. Thank you very much. Now I know that.

      Maybe I should start sending you some Yoruba proverbs whose translations I need.

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