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NOW YOU SEE ME: Chapter 1

“This is purrrr-fect. We’ll take it.” Melissa crowed. Having gone around town with her estate agent for about two months trying to find a place that will balance her need for space and accommodate her meager budget, she finally found the perfect home. Just wait till the kids see it.

“Are you sure, Mrs. Larkin?” Miss Donovan, the agent asked more out of courtesy and ethics than actually caring. The relief that washed over her when she declared this three bedroom flat fit was immense.

“Yes I am. It’s a bit old and the bedrooms could be bigger though. Oh! I wish the kitche…..”

“Perfect it is then!” The agent interrupted. Not again. If she let this woman drag her across town again, looking for the ‘home of her dreams’ she might lose it.

“I’ll send the papers for you to sign over later today.” She concluded as they both made their way out of the building.

It’s a wonder how this building was the one that pleased her. It had been in the market for a long time with no buyer. Rumour has it that the house belonged to a family that died mysteriously. Something about the house being haunted. But that’s all superstition; nobody haunts nothing in this 21st century. Moreover, ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? She concluded in her mind as they both got in their cars and zoomed off.




Melissa Larkin was making dinner when she heard the front door open in the way she knows only her kids have the technical know-how.

“Mom, we’re home.” Morgan, her little baby screamed and she heard her thud her way towards her in the kitchen. At only 7 years old and about 100 pounds, Morgan loved food a lot.

“How was school today, hun?” Melissa asked.

“It was alright. What are you cooking?”

“Coconut rice; your favorite. Now go get changed and tell your brother to do the same.”

She turned on her heels and she laughed as she heard her bellow the message to her elder brother.

Later that night as they ate dinner, Melissa broke the news to them.

“But it’s so far away mom. All my friends live around here.” Lucas complained, his words muffled by his rice-filled mouth.

“So we’re finally leaving this house. Awesome! Do we get separate rooms I’m tired of hearing Lucas snore all night long?” Eyes filled with hope and elation, Morgan asked.

“Yes, you do Morgan and you can decorate it as you like.”

“Sweet” She drawled as she got up from the table to dump her plates in the kitchen.

“Lucas, you’ll make friends there. Don’t worry yourself. By the time you settle into your new school, you’ll make friends fast.”

“We’re going to change schools? Oh! No mom. Do you remember how hard it was when we first moved here?”

“Luke, baby…”

“Never mind. I’m going to bed. Goodnight mom” He stood up abruptly and took his plate to the kitchen.

Melissa sighed heavily as her eyes travelled to the picture of her husband on the mantel. Her husband was much better with the kids. He would have known exactly what to say to make the kids love the prospect of leaving this house. She loved the house they were in now too but having resigned from her job as a banker to be home for the kids, it was hard to keep up with the rent. She now works as a content writer for a magazine and although she works from home, the pay is just a little short of horrible.

“Teach me what to do” She prayed as she stood from the table and retired for the night.




4 thoughts on “NOW YOU SEE ME: Chapter 1” by coymistressa (@Coymistressa)

  1. I like this. I drool for more.

    Keep it coming please.

    Well done.

  2. Great read the flow was wonderful. I like the story also.


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    I get home, and my daughter opens the door for me. I give her a hug and walk into the living room, where her mother, my wife is seated working on her laptop.

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  3. Beautiful one. I bet you’ve seen the movie, “NOW YOU SEE ME”, @coymistressa though this is of course VERY different from the movie. It’s a different plot, the title drew me in. You wrote this well…except for a few ‘misplaced’ tenses, like “she now WORKS as a content writer…” Should have been ‘worked’ I presume, consistency is key. Also, if you want to write mindblowing series, try and end each episode with a twist of some sort, or suprise, or suspense…that is exactly what @namdi , @roy-journals and other writers have mastered. You can learn from every work here on NS, till now…I’m still learning…
    And still following your story too..

    Well done

  4. I like the flow, nice!

    @praize, thanks for the mention. I share same thought–the twist, suspense or surprise at the end.

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