Mr. High And Mighty

Mr. High And Mighty

Akpoghene Johnson was a haughty self-aggrandizing and arrogant fellow. His father was a multi-millionaire, he was an excellent academician, and had really good looks, and so, his pride was boisterous.

A lot of guys as well as ladies on campus clung to Akpos, regardless of his arrogant behaviour, and who wouldn’t when he’d got the dough and good looks as well as the brains? They perched on him like the flies. He also had a lot of enemies from the masculine angle as a lot of guys had either been humiliated by his money or had lost their girlfriends to him. Even lecturers handled him with care. There was scarcely anyone in the University who had no story to tell about the adventures of high-and-mighty Akpos.

His self-aggrandizement and arrogance trippled when he became a member of the NYSC. During his three weeks at the camp, Akpos made sure every corps member around him was aware of the superfluity of his riches and knowledge. He could never had believed that he would be humbled, if he had been told. But then, he soon proudly bounced into his debacle.

Akpos was posted to his place of primary assignment, a federal government secondary school, in a very primitive village in Bayelsa, where he was to serve as a teacher. And as expected, he was soon known for his stupid traits. Fellow corps members had advised Akpos to go easy on the students, but all forms of advice fell on deaf ears. Akpoghene Johnson rudely whacked his students with his cruel whip for reasons not worth it and lambasted them with vocabularies of the cruelest meanings.

“Any questions from today’s lesson?” Mr. Akpoghene had just finished an introductory lesson on Biology.
“Sir” a hand went up. It was Angela Osayi, a beautiful unintelligent female student.
“Yes, what is your question?” Akpos screwed his face.
“Sir, your zipper is open” the whole class roared in laughter as Akpos’ eyes traveled down to the flap of his trousers.
He zipped up quickly and barked, “Unscruplous simpletons! Disgusting imps! You dare use me as a laughing stock? I shall make sure you regret this!” Mr. Akpoghene was infuriated.
And violently, and mercilessly, he whacked. And more mercilessly, he dealt with Angela, totally forgetting that a fellow corps member had once divulged to him that Angela was the daughter of a chronic witch doctor. Angela cried home, with bruises all over her.

It was during the morning assembly in the school the next day, when a man rushed into the school with deafening screams for help in saving Akpoghene’s life. Some staff in the school sped off with the man to the scene. Akpos was found lying down on the ground in a bush path so uncommon, his body including his face, totally clothed with zillions of soldier ants. Akpos shook vigorously, it was clear he was struggling to survive, the ants stubbornly clung to his skin, biting furiously. It was a horrifying sight.

A native doctor was sent for. Angela’s father strolled down to the scene, laughing boisterously and sacarstically. When he got there, he simply threw a white substance on Akpos and walked away.

The ants dissapeared, and Akpos fainted.

Akpoghene was rushed to the hospital, he survived. But then his handsomeness was gone. The ants were really cruel, his face was so horrible and irritating, and his soft smooth fair complexioned skin had become rugged and almost totally brown. He needed not be told who was responsible for his disaster. Akpos became humble afterwards.

14 thoughts on “Mr. High And Mighty” by Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

  1. Akpos don learn em lesson…. well done.

  2. Akpos always has a lesson to learn. Nice one.

    1. Lol. He always learns a lesson. Thanks for your comment @namdi.

  3. He learnt the hard way….

    Lovely story.

    1. Yeah. He learnt the hard way. Thanks for stopping by @GereOchuko

  4. Lol poor guy I commiserate with him on the loss of his looks…he still has money and intelligence though.

  5. Yeah. Perhaps he’d use his money and intelligence wisely now.

  6. Nice read.

    Language and plot awas almost elementary. Story identifies largely as that for kids.

    You could use more creativity next time, and, preferably, another name other than the hackneyed Akpos.

    One could easily identify with the story at the initial paragraphs, but does witchcraft really work?

  7. It’s just a straight and simple fiction story. I think for this kind of story, you may not necessarily need to go through the stress of racking your brains for a high degree of diction. Thanks for your comment @Ezeagu.

  8. I actually chose the name ‘Akpos’ for my main character because of the simple style of the write-up. Thanks once again @Ezeagwu

  9. Simple but interesting…Thumbs up

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