Love Unrequited; Episode 2

Dima finished dressing up and left her hotel room, with certain jauntiness in her steps. She took careful care of her look today and her efforts showed. She knows she’s beautiful and she’s not shy about it. She was ecstatic and she couldn’t wait till she gets to the radio station. She got to the main street and flagged down a taxi, stating the address of her destination with a smile on her face. The driver looked at her with a somewhat puzzled look but Dima didn’t care. She was on top of the world.
She got to the radio station right on time. The radio station is located in the better part of Abuja; Wuse precisely. Dima looked up to the building as the taxi dropped her directly in front of it. She was impressed by the architectural design of it; she never expected a big station like this. She decided not to get ahead of herself and enter before she forms her opinions.
She removed her phone from her purse and informed Buchi she was in front of the building. He told her to come right in. On getting to the office foyer, she saw a young guy leaning on the front desk with his arms crossed in front of him. Dima guessed it was Buchi apparently waiting for her arrival. He was tall, a little bit fair just like Dima’s complexion actually and on closer inspection, she discovered he was not classically handsome but he has an interesting face, a face that is full of character and mischief, a face you will want to know.
He looked at her with piercing eyes and Dima found herself squirming on her feet, those eyes seem as if they see right into her soul and she was not comfortable with his scrutiny. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally straightened up to his full height and offered his hand. Dima looked up at him, a situation she was not used to, she is either looking straight at a man or looking down at him; that is how tall she is. Most people, men and women alike find her height intimidating.
“Hi, pleasure to meet you.” He said
Dima stretched her hand to clasp his. She felt a tiny frisson up her arm as their palms came in contact. She ignored it. Oh no, you are not doing this to me. This is strictly business. I’m not going to allow you ruin everything. She admonished her body.
“Hello. The pleasure is mine.” She replied Buchi with a straight face, none of what she was feeling showing on her face.
He led her to a chair and offered her a sit. Dima sat tentatively, on the edge of her chair. She was so nervous; she wanted everything to go perfectly.
Buchi smiled at her gently. Maybe he sensed her unease and is trying to help. “So, can I hear the song?”
“Yes, of course.” Dima brought her phone out again and searched for her song. She pressed play and a harmonious melody crooned out of the speaker. Lord, let this be it. She prayed. Buchi was engrossed and nodding as the song played and this encouraged Dima. It means he likes it, she thought.
The song ended and he looked up at her. “Can you play that again?” he requested
Dima quickly hit the repeat button on her phone. The music crooned out once again and she tried to listen to it as if she was hearing it for the first time. If she must say so herself, the song is really good. At the end of the song, Buchi looked up and smiled. Dima’s heart almost leaped into her throat. That smile is everything.
“This is a really good song and it has a resounding message. I’m going to break one of my cardinal rules and help you. I don’t usually get involved in artists’ palaver but I’m going to make your case an exception. Where are the places you’ve been to?”
Dima told him all the places she’s been to and has been rejected. She told him of her experiences and how she almost gave up.
“So I decided to call you yesterday and try my luck.” She concluded
“I’m glad you called. I’ll use every resource in my power to help push this song. I just need your commitment.” He raised his eyebrows, looking at her.
Dima almost kissed his feet. Why won’t I be committed? In fact, commitment is now my middle name sef. “I promise I’ll not disappoint you.” She replied earnestly.
And so it began; from station to station, from on-air personalities to on-air personalities, from disc jockeys to disc jockeys, Buchi introduced Dima to everyone who was anyone in Abuja. His influence and input alone unlocked doors that were previously closed and opened a whole new world for Dima; a world she didn’t know existed. Dima took care of her, bought lunch for her every day and was a perfect gentleman, never demanding anything from her but her total commitment.
After about a week of moving all over Abuja, Dima’s money had depleted to the point that she couldn’t afford to stay another night at her hotel. She broached this topic with Buchi and he offered her the use of his apartment till the time she will leave Abuja. Dima was shocked by his generosity and she hoped she could one day pay him back.

….to be continued

8 thoughts on “Love Unrequited; Episode 2” by Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

  1. I enjoyed this. I think you made a switch in pronouns at some point tho*. (Dima took care of her…)

    1. Thank you…i’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, that was a mistake, it was supposed to be ‘Buchi took care of her….’

  2. Nice story but besides the pronouns, you also switched tenses. You started off in a past tense and then switched to a present tense and you just kept interchanging them. It made the story confusing.

    Also, you didn’t use paragraphs. Paragraphs help to make reading easy and enjoyable…

    But thanks for sharing all the same
    And keep writing!#Muah!

    1. Oh my, it’s poor editing. Thanks for pointing them out and thanks for stopping by @kyceeq

  3. Yea Maggie, there were frequent inconsistencies with your use of tense as @kyceeq said….and I was like ‘this isn’t the maggie I know…’ You didn’t edit this well enough.
    Yet, I do love the story…you always have good plots…this is good.
    So better edit well next time before we come protest for your verandah…lol.

    Good job…still following.

    1. Awwww @praize i’m sorry I disappointed you. I’ll work hard on subsequent posts. I’m glad you enjoyed it though.

  4. I hope the series gets to a finish. I just started on it and loving it.
    However, take a look at this sentence;

    DIMA took care of her, bought lunch for her every day and was a perfect gentleman, never demanding anything from her but her total commitment.

    Was it Dima that took care of her or BUCHI?

    1. Supposed to be Buchi. Thanks for pointing that out, @menoveg

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