Heaven Gemini

Heaven Gemini

The rollers on his feet knew exactly where he was headed. As he rolled through the smooth roads, he wondered why they were deserted. The sound his rollers made was the only one he heard. He willed himself round a bend and rolled up to an impressive building that held millions of lives in its lifeless hands. It stood there, an imposing complex with ‘Heaven Gemini’ scrawled across the top. On the windowless side of the building was an inscription:

But science gives hope
Of twice three score
And ten…

He willed the rollers to a stop and gazed up at the building. This was where it happened, where he had the head transplant and became something he feared. He wondered absent-mindedly if he would find his body there and grimaced at the fruitlessness of his mission. He began moving again, the rollers were taking him into the building. At the bottom of the first stairs, steely spider hands shot out of the rollers and began climbing the stairs. All the while, the man gazed straight ahead.

He got to the first floor and rolled into the hall to find them waiting for him, six intimidating giants. These were people like him, people who had either been suffering from irreparable damage to their body or disgust for it that they had to have them changed. The change, of course, came at a cost. They lost their minds. Apparently, the Heaven Gemini scientists had found that the mind was in the body. Thousands were like this, and hundreds of thousands still trooped to the Heaven Gemini hospitals all over the world to have their bodies changed, losing their minds and taking on a different mind they didn’t know about.

They bared their fangs, showing off their newest body part as they approached. He tensed and slowly released his control on the mind in his body. He gradually set it free to do the only thing it knew how to do. The ensuing scuffle was quick: a bloody flash, then Crimson spattered everywhere with severed heads and limbs. The man stood still, his bloodshot eyes alert.

“I always knew you were the best,” a voice came over an intercom in the building. “I know how you think, hell I control your mind, Henry. And I know you weren’t expecting this.” At that, a cylindrical glass container shot up from the ground to the roof, imprisoning the man.

“We have you now.” The owner of the voice came into view, wearing an expensive looking suit. His clean-shaven jaw stood out on his face, it was perhaps his most striking feature. “We have the world in our hands.”

The man in the cylindrical container hit the class in frustration, and glowered at the doctor.

“You’re imprisoned, Henry, it’s over. You can’t save the world.”

Henry removed the last restraint he had on the mad mind raging inside of him. There was something the doctor didn’t count on: he could teleported, at least the mind in him could.

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