Haunting shadows

Haunting shadows

These days in doubt
my sanity proven
culled from my lovitude
or should I say attitude
maybe solitude
‘cos I thought I was on guard
Until fall I did
without a thud,
slowly the fade began
until the voice stopped
no more reprimands
questions stopped
conscience slept
and I roared
happy to soar
then it returned
and I retraced my steps
not without scars
for this haven we savoured
with its perks and glints
now hold ashes
for me,
I can’t sit still without thinking
of purity sold
guard let down
to lovitude’s joy
as sorrow flooded
The wasted me

I might not relate to this
but I do translate it
can I still sit in your arms
without regrets of disappointments thrown
of regrets without end
for that moment this madness began.

5 thoughts on “Haunting shadows” by kay (@kaymillion)

  1. I like this… could follow the train of thought of the poet. Good one.

    We talked a little longer about sports, books and movies.

    I was having a fantastic time.

    All that changed moments later.

    Ib suddenly gasped as she stared behind me.

    “What is it?”I enquired turning around to …….

    “Don’t turn around!!!”she urged in a hushed tone.

    The once smiling Woman now had a terriffied expression on her face.

    “What???”I asked clearly alarmed.

    The look on her face was unsettling.

    She leaned forward against the table as if to tell me something grave.

    “Listen,…Lawrence!”she began.

    “…..I wasn’t lying when I told you I was single….The thing is,…my Ex still wants me back….!”

    I sat there processing¬† what I’d just heard. continue reading

  2. “For that moment, the madness began”

    Story of my life… in a good way though. I enjoyed the poem. I’m going to say that you put a lot of thoughts and effort into this poem. Good job ma’am!

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