Haught (Halt) My Haughtiness

Haught (Halt) My Haughtiness

Sometimes, haughtiness is needed                                                                   Sometimes, being arrogant is cool                                                                               A little bit of pride is needed                                                                                       For in today’s world, pomposity is the new school

Away with being benign                                                                                                  Away with being soft-spoken                                                                   Aggressiveness is the new cool                                                                                   Being suave is no longer in vogue

The passengers deride the conductors                                                                        Are you talking to me like that?                                                                                       I work in a bank o, just give me my change                                                                Oga, you should have put your car on the road o

The cleaner you say ‘thank you’ to                                                                      Because she cleans your office and your desk                                                     A sign of weakness she sees your ‘thank you’ as                                             For courtesy is now a thing of the past

The gate-man at the estate gate you greet every morning       Tomorrow sees you and makes advances                                                               For you see, no one greets anymore                                                                     And your greetings to him is a sign that you care

You have the money, pride is needed                                                                 Greet no one, of what use is it?                                                                       Pomposity is required, clothe yourself in it                                                               So these nonentities know you’re not of their class

But when you fall from pride’s pedestal                                                                   And haughtiness rolls you in its mud                                                                     When pomposity puts you in the pit of derision                                           Blame nobody but you


2 thoughts on “Haught (Halt) My Haughtiness” by Omoteniola (@Teniola)

  1. @teniola. Nice one. Although I see truth in your words I’d rather be seen as being weak, benign, soft spoken than haughty for in the end as you pointed out when it rolls you in the mud you will have no one to blame but yourself.

  2. The poem is not advising people to be proud. It is an irony and that is why the end talks about the consequences of pride. Thanks for the comment.

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