The Golden Calabash: The Visit

Omifunke rode silently alongside the high priestess and Omitilewa, the apprentice who found out that the sacred calabash was missing. Something was wrong, even the horses were quiet; she could tell they knew what was happening. But, they won’t tell her anything. Another thing that bothered her was why the high priestess asked her to go with her to the capital city. She was tired of living in the mountains, but she never dreamed of visiting the capital city.
“Kabiesi, I have received an aroko from the high priestess of the Omi goddess.” Oluwo, the chief priest said.
“What did the message say?” His Royal Majesty, King Adedotun of Ayedun kingdom asked, as he looked down from his throne.
“Your majesty, it says that something bad has happened and that she is on her way to the capital city.” Oluwo answered.
“The high priestess is supposed to notify us three moons before her arrival, so that we can prepare adequately for her. But, for her to send such an urgent message, means something very bad has happened. I want you and your priests to wait for her at the gate of the city and escort them to the palace.”
“Yes your majesty,” the chief priest bowed and turned to take his leave. But, the king’s voice stopped him.
“Do not forget to make a protection ward on the city, the priestesses are women of extreme beauty that is why they live in the mountains. I’m sure you understand what I am saying.
“Yes, Kabiesi” Oluwo bowed once again before leaving.
Adedotun sighed; he had so much on his plate already. The last thing he needed was the troublesome priestess. He had only met her once, when he was still a prince, and the encounter was not pleasant or rather, it was too pleasant.
“Who is there?” he called, and his steward ran into the courtroom.
“You called for me your majesty?”
“Go and inform the queen and the crown prince that the high priestess is on her way to the capital city, and I want the palace presentable.”
“Your majesty, the high priestess is coming?” the steward asked, with fear written all over his face.
“Do I have to repeat my command?” Adedotun asked, not that he did not understand his servant’s fear, but he could not let such fear grow. The kingdom was at the verge of falling and fear was the last thing he needed in the hearts of his subjects.
“No, your majesty, your wish is my command.” The steward bowed and exited the courtroom to deliver the king’s message.
After riding hard for three days, they finally arrived at the capital city. The horses were tired, she could feel it. If the high priestess had not boosted their energy with a spell, they would have died. Yet, they were still tired and weak, and Omifunke felt sorry for them. Although, the high priestess was kind, she was a bit insensitive where animals were concerned.
The orders of priests were waiting for them at the gate, the soldiers bowed as they trotted past them. Omifunke could smell the protection charm on them. In fact, the whole city reeked of it. No one wanted to fall under the spell of a priestess’s beauty. She heard that the king himself had once fallen under the spell of the high priestess, and it was only the grace of the gods that spared him.
“Welcome, high priestess of the Omi goddess, we are pleased to see you” Oluwo greeted. But, the high priestess looked down on him disdainfully from her horse, “I wish I could say the same” she said.
It was no secret that there was no love lost between the priestesses and priests. The priests were all dressed in white, they wore white, all the time unlike the priestess who dressed in colourful aso oke and adorned themselves in beautiful beads. They only wore white on special occasions.
“The king awaits your presence” Oluwo said swallowing the insult.
“Lead the way.” Omitola answered, with all the pride befitting a high priestess.

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  1. I love reading traditional tales, and you’re good with them. Write soonest.

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  3. Nice. Try to space the paragraphs, it’ll make the story more ‘reader-friendly’.

  4. Really nice I must say. I like the way you’re revealing little by little with each episode. Don’t keep us waiting for too long.

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  9. I await next episode. I’m also eager to read how the King fell for the priestess’ beauty. *wink*

  10. @praize I’m sorry about that @mayree everything will be revealed piece by piece. Thank you all for reading and commenting.

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