A demon’s story: The third episode

I’ve been on the run for the past three weeks. It started the day after I took Essex to that club at Johannesburg. I noticed two young men following me unusually for a while longer than normal and then suddenly I was grabbed as soon as my guard was down.

While they felt they were torturing me, I actually was using my initiative to gather intelligence.

I realised they were angels sent by their commanding officer to torture and get a confession out of me.

Apparently I’ve been a very bad boy lately and I needed to be put in my place. This was the order given by the man upstairs because according to him I’m causing serious stirs in humans affairs and derailing peace and order.

Personally I can’t remember doing much bad lately asides tailing the guy who went to have a nice time with his girl, manipulating two or three people to commit murder, and lately the Essex case, not that it should matter because Essex is also a demon.

They had plans to exorcise me out of the human vessel I was currently occupying but they thought on how to delicately carry out the exorcism without killing him.

I watched in amusement as this junior angels deliberated on how to go about their plan and as they couldn’t come up with something good they decided to wait for a higher angel to come help them out with the exorcism.

I sat tied to the wooden chair quietly and plotted my escape. I knew I could take out this two without much damage to this mortal vessel, not that I cared if he lived or died but today’s my solemn day of no mischief.

They were new to the field game of angels chasing demons and as such didn’t realise that keeping me rested for hours in a spot gave me enough time to fully recuperate and as such never expected me to charge at them.

I escaped my captors and hit the streets.

Currently, I’m in hiding somewhere in Nigeria, a universe wide call has been made for my arrest. I need my father to bail me out of this one, he has to have a talk with the man upstairs and both of them come to a compromise on my case. After all they’re tied by blood and a compromise isn’t far fetched.

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