A demon’s story: One of too many

I was bored, I looked into the world to see if I could find today’s source of happiness, without much stress in searching I saw him, all idle and I said to myself, “this should be fun” after all I’ve had a day dull without activity. So I watched as he paced about his room like a child expecting his mother’s return, his phone rang and he leaped towards it as a goal keeper eager to save his team from a late goal leading to a disgraceful loss, he was smiling all through the duration of the call making me ponder who was on the other end and made me smile as I was assured that my day had taken a turn for the better, I was hooked to this young man’s acts.

I kept a fixed eye on him so as not to miss any important act he might play in his life’s drama and know where to fix in my touch to make it destructive *evil grin* He hurriedly dressed up, locked his one room apartment and hopped onto the next available okada to a destination which moments later I found out wasn’t far from where he lived. He walked about with a sense of familiarity for the environment which didn’t appear as a surprise to me, the matter bugging me was the haste with which he moved about like an athlete heading for the finish line, he entered a building and ran up the stairs to the penultimate floor, heading with fixed eyes to ‘the room’ and knocked with fidgety stance as he awaited a reply, at this moment I decided it was time for me to step in and add a little spice to his day because I felt it was getting too typical, I needed him to ‘sin’, lo and behold, the next scene shocked me *eyes bulge out* the door opened and I saw what had made my muse-bringer go unsettled throughout the day, she was a beauty, she was a recognizable beauty as she had played a role in giving me muse on a previously boring day .

I decided to wait a bit and see were the meeting between these two was leading too and alas it was what I was thinking *feeling glad* they were making out with extreme vigour then I decided that my touch wasn’t needed in this guy’s life, at least for today, he was on the verge of ‘self-destruction’. I’ve found out that man has a way of damning himself without external help, what annoys me the most is that everything is blamed on the devil, agreed he does have so many things in this world that seduces or should i say entices the inner-man but the entire destruction is done by man himself.

This is a demon’s innocent observation, believe it or not, man does owe me an apology for ruining my daily source of muse, causing havoc to himself without my help.

7 thoughts on “A demon’s story: One of too many” by Arinze Talius Dike (@talius)

  1. Creative story, bad metaphors

  2. Ehe….the devil’s POV….a very good one. Though infected with punctuation errors. Nice read anyway.
    Good job.

    1. This was my opinion too. Commas instead of fullstops for example

  3. And our personal demons get the blame, always. Nice idea.

  4. Thanks guys. I have a lot of work to do on my use of punctuation, I’ll get better.

  5. This is a very very good and imaginative concept and can sell you @talius as a good writer, only if executed well.

    You need to get into the mind of a demon, and really think demon! (Be careful though.) I like such scary and daring adventure.
    Try to do a work in transiting between the ethereal and the world of shadows. Clearly draw the line between the demon and the mortals. I look forward to a good journey ahead.

  6. Thank you very much @stanfuto for the many kind and encouraging words, I’m full of appreciation that you took time to read and analyze. Don’t worry, the story is going somewhere cool, I think you’ll like.

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