Abducted #9

Abducted #9

It’s quite unbelievable that Desireé could probably be abducted, that’s the only assumption I can live with. She could have left without saying goodbye because of my consistent pressure on her but that’s not good enough reason.

‘How do I find you Desireé?’ You disappeared before, I won’t let you again. I gave you my word to always be by you, I can’t do that when you’re not here. I don’t know if you left because of me, maybe I should have given you time.

“Luke, any update?” Annie asked standing besides me.

“No…I didn’t hear you come in”

“I don’t think she’s missing, probably she went on vacation.” Annie said heaving her shoulders.

“I don’t think so”

“You told me she turned you down, maybe that’s why she left so you’d forget about her.”

“She won’t just disappear, she has her reason to but she can’t” Luke said trying to convince himself.

“Get over it already, you can’t just sit here drooling”

“Where do we start? We don’t have any clue”

Annie was about to speak when her phone rang, she brought out the phone and looked at the ID, it was the hospital. Luke watched her answer the call.

“Someone is throwing a tantrum because we are not there” Annie said after hanging up.

“A patient?” Luke asked standing up

“No but the description fits Amy”

“Amy? Desireé’s intern, how does she work with her? She literally made my ears ache with her long talks last time.”

“Hopefully she came back with useful news” Annie said leading them to the car.


“Desireé is missing” Mrs Jefferson told Ryan over the phone.

“Zoe, if you want to rekindle old flames be straight about it”

“Why would I do that?” Mrs Jefferson asked slightly irked.

“Then stop coming to me for everything, I mean everything!” Mrs Jefferson rolled her eyes.

“Did you make her disappear?”

“Live your life without me in it, what we had is in the past.” Ryan said hanging up.

What did you do Ryan? Abducting Desireé the second time isn’t right, they will catch on soon that she’s abducted and you’re the only one with such motives. Luke…. Luke please don’t get involved or snoop around. He won’t spare you. Poor thing, madly in love with a stigma. She can’t recover from it, Ryan will make sure she dies.

Annie is getting too involved, she could be caught in the middle and won’t be spared also. If Ryan’s associates find her wanting, that will be her end. I heave my shoulders heavily.

Ryan don’t hurt my kids, don’t get them involved in your antes against Desireé. I won’t give you the opportunity to hurt them if you do, you’ll feel my wrath. Hell has no fierce like a woman’s scorn.

“You haven’t learnt your lesson” Mrs Jefferson snapped out of her reveire, she didn’t realize Ethan was few inches away from her.

“What lesson?” She asked in pretense.

“Don’t act like a novice, you know what am talking about. If you’ve anything to do with her disappearance…..she did not disappear she was abducted” Ethan said looking into her eyes, her face was motionless making it hard to read.

“Ethan, she’s not abducted. You think she’s stupid to allow herself be abducted for the second time? She’s smarter than that”

“Zoe, if you’re involved there’s nothing I can do when she returns. I thought you’d have learnt already, she wretched your life and you’re still getting involve. You’re stupid to get involved the second time, you’re right hell has no fierce like Desireé’s wrath.”

“I know Ryan abducted her” he added at the door, he looked at her briefly before shutting the door.

“Ryan abducted her” she repeated after Ethan was out of hearing range. “How stupid can you be? She would spare anyone though I don’t have anything to do with it”


“Amy!” Annie yelled storming into the lobby.

“Stop yelling Annie” Luke said holding her back

“Dr. Annie, you don’t seem excited to see me but I’m here anyway” She said grinning.

“Do you make it a habit to be in unwanted places?” Amy nodded immediately.

“What are you doing here?” Luke asked

“Desireé sent me a note, I found it on my table when I got to the office” she said handling him the note.

‘Amy, you’re probably boring everyone with your endless speeches. Am fine, take care of yourself.’

“That’s not all, I promised her I’d head the prosecutor counsel and Mr Fletcher told me to handle everything she did soonest”

“Are you kidding me? It’s barely three weeks she disappeared” Annie was irked, Luke sighed.

“Are you accepting her job?”

“Yes….hear me out” she quickly added seeing the disappointing look on their faces. “I’ll accept only so I can sneak around to find out anything that can help”

“She’s right but don’t get caught, it will agitate everything” Annie said looking at Luke then at Amy.

“Dr. Luke…Annie… Why should I trust you guys?”

“Don’t you think it’s too late to ask that” Annie scoffed. Luke grimaced at her.

“If you didn’t trust us, you wouldn’t have return. You trust us that’s why you didn’t report she’s missing, besides all these you know she’s our family”

“You’re wretchedly if you don’t trust us” Luke nudged her.

“Amy, if you didn’t trust us you wouldn’t return and that’s the truth” Luke went to her and placed his hand on her shoulders. She heaved a sigh.

“I’m sorry” she said sitting, “I’m used to Desireé being so mean, uptight and cocky, then three weeks straight I haven’t seen her…it’s been awkward and silent. She’s the only friend I got, no one at the firm seems bothered she’s MIA. They’re happy she has been gone, they’re not hiding their joy. No one to crush them in the court room or win more cases literally she intimidates them. She’s the ultimate cash in the company…” She exhaled. “They dislike her, I would’ve used the word ‘Hate’ but it’s a very strong word.”

“We’re concerned about Desireé and we will find her” Luke reassured her.


‘I never knew I would miss this house’ Paige thought aloud. ‘So much memories, it’s just two weeks and it seems like a million years. Desireé, I need to see you, please be the one am waiting for. I’m getting worried about you, you’re struck between insanity and sanity. You don’t realize you’ve lost every ounce of your sanity. Luke, Poor guy, he loves you but you’re numb and doesn’t have a heart’

‘I wish we didn’t have to move but there are people after us though I don’t know who they are. I’ll not juggle with your life Tiffany or your family.’

The doorbell chimed. She went to the door, took a deep breath and opened the door. She was stunned to see Luke and Annie on her front porch. She moved aside making room for them to come in. They glanced around the house, a couch and an arm chair were the only piece of furniture in the house. It seemed deserted and empty.

“I moved out two weeks ago” Paige said answering the obnoxious look on their faces. They nodded, Luke and Annie sat on the couch.

Annie had received a message from Amy asking her to meet up here which also happens to be Paige’s. Luke insisted on coming with her. Annie cleared her throat, getting Paige’s attention.

“You asked to see me”

“I don’t have much time here, so I’ll be brief” Paige said relaxing in her arm chair. “You’re….” She asked staring at Luke.

“Dr. Luke Jefferson” She nodded and smiled

“I know who you’re, I was told Annie won’t come alone.”

“You were told? by whom?” Annie chipped in.

“Desireé” Paige replied. They both growled in frustration.

“She has been missing for three weeks” Annie said looking around.

“Who are you? Annie didn’t tell me in details about you” Luke said suppressing his frustration, Paige laughed a little.

“Your father’s ex-wife”

“Are you kidding me?!” Luke exclaimed

“Are you for real?!” Annie grunted, “when will all these craziness end, another secret? We…not we, I…..I’ve recovered from the effect of the last revelation and now this? Who is Luke’s father?”

“Though Desireé did it the wrong way, she’s right. You both have been living a lie, caught up in the middle and it has been staring at you”

“Use words…non-complicated words” Luke said leaning forward.

“Ryan is your father, Luke” He gaped.

“Do you have any sort of prove?”

“It’s up to you to believe it or not” Paige said adjusting on her seat.

“How did you find out?” Luke said clasping his head in frustration.


“Desireé is missing” Annie answered irked.

“She’s been leaving me notes”

“Luke, for a heads up, you and your sister are not involved in anything yet I hope for both your sake. You both are not involved, however don’t get into it ’cause there’s no guarantee you’ll get out of it in one piece. Zoe betrayed me, I would have died but thanks to Desireé I’m alive. Am coming after your mother so hard she won’t know what hit her.” Luke and Annie shared a look.

“We were on Desireé not my mother, what does she have to do with any of it?” Luke asked confused.

“Desireé told me you’d always defend your mother, ornithological specimens of identical plumage invariably congregate to the closest proximity. She’s just like Ryan, she tried to show you who your mother truly is but you never believed her. I’ve to go” she said glancing at her watch. She stood up and walked to the door.

“You didn’t clarify anything” Annie said approached her.

“Zoe knows everything. You both be careful, you’re the golden ticket to her” She said looking around making sure no one was watching them.

“Is someone there?” Luke asked sensing her uneasiness

“Stop snooping around and be careful” Paige said leaving.

Luke and Annie watched her leave, they came here seeking answers but they got more questions. And it’s even more complex than ever.

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