Abducted #10

Luke POV

I watched my mother flick through the pages of a magazine and sipping juice. My mother has a new found joy, which she could not hide. She wasn’t even concealing it. The reason couldn’t be far fetched, I’m off the hook. Her worst nightmare is laid to rest. Desireé is gone.

All efforts to find her is futile. I could probably accept Annie’s word that she’s on vacation. Ryan seem to have disappeared also and Ethan haven’t said anything about his daughter. I don’t know if telling him his daughter left will break him or cause strife with his brother. He might accuse Ryan for being responsible.

If she left because she wanted to, why would she contact only Amy and Paige? What happen to the rest of them? I don’t know if it’s a coy or not, she might be in danger. Days have turned into weeks, weeks into months, no news about her.

The two private investigator I hired to search for Desireé worsen it all, they both said there’s no record of her. Barr. Desireé Hopkins never did exist, but a certain Serena McCarthy died two decades ago. There’s only two people who could have erase her from existence: Herself and Ryan.

I don’t know what else to do, Amy suggested we don’t alter r the authorities. I know it was foolish of me to listen to her but she has a point. If Desireé is in any sort of trouble, altering the authorities will make it worst.

I stopped work so I could put in all efforts to find Desireé. She’s not the only thing I need to worry about, Ryan being my father is another urgent issue I need to rectify but it can wait. Ryan haven’t laid any claim on me yet, he probably doesn’t know.

I met Paige five month ago, she haven’t showed up means my mother is still spared from her wrath. It’s puzzling putting the piece together. How she got involved with Ryan, Desireé and Paige without my knowledge. I was probably too young to notice anything and to comprehend it.

I heaved a sigh, my phone rang. It’s Annie, I answered the call and put her on speaker.

“You ought to be here saving lives-”

“Rather I’m watching our mom have the time of her life. She’s been over joy for months” I told Annie over the phone.

“Because Desireé is gone”

“It’s obvious” there was a brief silence.

“Did you confront her about Paige’s claims?” Annie asked.

“He haven’t suddenly realized he has a son, till then am more concerned about finding Desireé”

“Do you think he’s your father?”

“Annie!” Luke yelled. He took a deep breath before speaking. “I’m not Ryan, I don’t have any similarities with him. If you want to know what I really think….” He paused briefly. “…I accept years ago that my father leaving was the best thing for me. I turned out to be better than him, whoever he is. If Ryan is my father good for him, but for me there’s no resemblance so I doubt he’s my father”

“He wrecked havoc in her life that’s the reason and he also hurt his brother in the worst possible way”

“Is there no patients you should be attending to?” Annie shrug her shoulders, before realizing he can’t see her.

“I’ve to also eat right?…staying at home won’t solve anything Luke”

“I can’t consecrate on my work, I don’t want to loose a live because of—-” Annie interrupted him

“Amy just walked into the cafeteria”

“Get your ass down here immediately” she said hanging up.


Miles looked out the window and saw the car that has been following him for months after Desireé disappeared. Before she disappeared, he was being trailed. Her disappearance didn’t stop whoever it is from trailing him.

He could tell his dad but that will only make him worried and insecure. Luke wasn’t of good use to him ’cause he stopped work three months ago. He didn’t trust Zoe anymore, after everything his sister said about her, she’s one heck of a traitor. She might be the one having him trailed or Ryan could be responsible but he didn’t know who.

While he was home, he got a message from Desireé through her intern, Amy asking him to relocate because he was being trailed. Even now he’s still being trailed. Desireé might be behind the trail but what if she isn’t? Could Ryan be behind it?

He couldn’t stay locked up because people he doesn’t know are after him. If they want to harm they would have but they didn’t. He intends on living his life. He locked the window and went outside. The car wasn’t there, he’d just seen it through his window.

He might not be safe, he decided to leave. Anywhere besides here might be safe, he gathered a few things and was locking the door when he heard footsteps approaching.

He was instantly terrified, he managed to lock the door and turned to the direction of the movement. He saw a lady in a navy blue suit standing a little distance from him. He hadn’t met her before, this was his first time seeing her. Deep down he’d thought it was Desireé but it wasn’t. It was becoming obvious that she might be in danger that’s why she left or-

“Miles McCarthy, I need you to come with me” The lady told him.

“Who are you? Who sent you?”

“I’m a friend, it’s better you don’t know I’m that way you’d be safe.” He was about to say something when she quickly added “We don’t have much time, you can interrogate me on the way”

“You were sent to abduct me?”

“Desireé sent me” Miles laughed.

“That did cross my mind but I don’t believe you, you might have said that to get me to follow you but I ain’t going anywhere”

“Miles, you’re no longer safe here and I promise you I’m the good guy… My bad good lady” She bridging the gap between them

“Prove it” he said crossing his hands on his chest. She sighed.

“Desireé slit her wrist, nobody knows about it. She also told you where she kept the evidence against Joe, Ryan and Zoe. She had told you she would sacrifice her life if it means keeping it hidden and safe”

“Where is she?”

“I’ll tell you on the way, let’s leave now!” She ordered walking away. Miles surveyed the surroundings before following her.


“I had a male bodyguard but I always left him in the mall while going to the female section. Mr Fletcher was upset about it and hired a female bodyguard to complement. So I can’t ditch both, but I try to” Amy told Annie sitting opposite her.

“It’s been five months no update about Desireé”

“I think Mr Fletcher knows something. He has taken a sudden interest in me, not flirting interest but he protects me like am in danger”

“Have you found anything on him?” Annie asked

“He haven’t know her for long yet he sold her part of his firm. She owns a quarter of his shares and firm, without anything on her file”

“No name, address, or history?” She shook her head.

“Desireé’s office has been torn apart literally several times. The culprit is yet to be found, whatever they want haven’t been found yet they keep searching her office”

“Is Mr Fletcher aware?” Amy nodded.

“Have you received any message?” Annie asked, she remembered the last time she was here. Desireé had brought a man she shot. She told him to find her, maybe he found her.

“Do you know the man she shot in self defense?”

“No…” She trailed off, she looked around in search of her guards but they’re no where in sight.

“I was taken off a huge case recently” she said leaning forward on the table, slightly above a whisper. “It’s a murder case, the search for the murderer went on for almost two decades, the killer has been unmasked. I can’t go into details but I’m curious, it’s her name that brought me here. Her name is ‘Sniper’”

“Sniper?” She asked confused.

“Sniper is Zoe Jefferson” Annie gasped.

“Is she related to Dr. Luke Jefferson?”


The doorbell rang chimed non stop. Mrs Jefferson hurriedly went to the door, she opened and saw Ryan. She was about to close the door when he forced his way into the house.

“Joe sent me” She gaped.

“He said you should finish the job you failed to complete years ago” she frowned looking at him

“You killed the top undercover agent Julie McCarthy. Now Joe want you….” Ryan paused briefly, he smiled and continued “he wants ‘Sniper’ to kill her daughter, Barr. Desireé Hopkins”

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