A walk on the water

A walk on the water

I took a walk on the water, dnt wana get deep into the water, so i dnt get drowned & injured, i enjoy my stay at the water, i got the assurance never to get injured, if i go into the water a bit.

I went into the water, with my head above the water, it tasted like sweets, but was told, deep down is filled with honey, den decided to move farther.

I went deep in the water, my head below the water surface, but very close to the water surface, so i can jump out easily, but was moved to go deep and live there, as a fish in that water.

I went deeper than imagined, it was warm in there, with enough peace of mind, just me and the water, no distractions, a place i could call mine, wanted to sink to the last ground, got happily drowned in the water, and was glad i did, that was how my love started.

Watch out for how its gona end part2

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  1. why are you abbreviating….
    it spoiled it

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