A Diet Too Long

“Take your arms off the table love.” Kule said, as soothingly as he could manage. He raised his head and eyed his wife. Glaring at her, he put a piece of chicken in his mouth, chewing slowly, conscious of how the raw piece of flesh sizzled when it touched his tongue.

“You don’t have to be so upset you know. She was only the maid’s daughter.” At that Aisha’s head snapped up. She could hear her teeth madly grinding the worthless piece of grilled chicken and she knew he could hear it too. “I liked the girl but you know it’s much more than that.” She retorted, attempting to mask her rage with mock sweetness. She put another piece of the warm bird in her mouth, chewing even harder than before. Her gums were bleeding now from the force of her chewing.

“Stop it Aisha!” Kule was outright enraged now but still tried to control himself especially since he knew his wife was purposely doing all the things he hated just to work him up. She’d started three days ago and he’d known it was about the maid’s daughter. Heck, he knew Aisha would lose it when she found out but he just had to have the girl. She had been too succulent-looking to ignore, with her mesmerizing plump body and full red lips. Thinking about her now made his mouth water.

As if Aisha knew what her husband was thinking, she dashed across the 12 foot long table, swiftly avoiding the candles, dishes and jugs and stopped two inches away from Kule’s face. She bared her fangs and snarled “we have been on this stupid diet for two painful decades and you just go and spoil it like that!”

Chewing the last bit of his cold chicken he replied, “I’m sorry love but I’m not cold-blooded like you. I’m done with the diet. No more chicken for me. We are what we are. I want to feel the heat of real blood filling my mouth and pouring down my throat into my stomach. I want to feel the thrill of the kill, you know the feeling when you have that juicy flesh in your mouth. Priceless.” He stretched that last word, knowing she’ll understand. They’d starved themselves way too long trying to appeal to her false sense of decency. She’d had a good heart, he knew. It was ironic though, how she who was without a heart could have a good heart and he with the heart could be so heartless. But life was what it was, there were the hunters and the hunted, they were the hunters.

He walked into the massive dining hall pushing his trolley. “Desert is ready…” Stephen’s voice trailed off when he saw Aisha crouched on the table like that. She had a dangerous look on her face and she was looking right at him. Of all the places he could have worked… These were his last thoughts as she pounced on him.

Kule smirked as he watched his wife strut gayly to her seat. “I liked that butler you blood sucking vampire.”
“Just as I liked that maid’s daughter you vicious werewolf.” She replied.

3 thoughts on “A Diet Too Long” by Korayday (@DelectableKay)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    I did not understand what I was reading, but I read through anyway, till the end. And there, it made sense! Then I started again, with understanding.

    Nice. Though not my kind of tale–that does not mean it’s bad; yeah, you know that, I already typed ‘nice’.

    1. Lol. Thanks. That was the idea. I’m glad you didn’t figure it out until the end.


    A werewolf and a vampire. That’s so twilight. Good one.


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