A demon’s story: Invitation to Ihiala

Two weeks have gone by and I’m still in hiding. I haven’t heard anything from anyone in authority concerning my ordeal. I’m very much trying hard to blend in with the people of this community in eastern Nigeria. I don’t use any of my abilities,  obviously to hide my identity from clairvoyant folks around. On … Continue reading A demon’s story: Invitation to Ihiala

The Path of Osiris

SWORD, STAFF AND SCEPTREBOOK 1PATHOFOSIRISPROLOGUE/PREFACEI was in the great Temple of Ramses, situated at Abu Simbel. My path took me through the sanctuary, the room that contained the statues of the four gods of Egypt, the room that contained lots more. The sword Ra-sengis at my side. It is a plain nondescript blade with white … Continue reading The Path of Osiris

The Infant

http://www.opustjkwrites.com At first when he heard it,he thought he was still dreaming. It was loud,almost as loud as the thunder and rain outside. “Can you hear that..sounds like a baby?”Gloria whispered into his ear. The warmth of her naked  body made the notion of getting out of bed to investigate the noise a very dull … Continue reading The Infant