You, Yes You! You Don’t Deserve To Be A Successful Writer!!

Yes, you read that right- YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WRITER!!!

Hold on, hold on, don’t fight me just yet. You are in a boxing ring right now and your opponent is you! I am just the ref!!

Let it echo over and over again in your consciousness. You reading this piece, you do not deserve to be a successful writer, and you are not alone, I do not deserve to be a successful writer. We all do not deserve to be successful writers. We only


Think about it!

It all rests in the bosom of your decision. Procrastination will not make you successful, laziness will not either. Excuses? That is their elder brother and they are all out to ensure you never get your thoughts out in ink.

LifeĀ  has never been one to give you what you deserve, it is always what you decide and work towards.

So what have you decided? Have you decided to ignore all the excuses you give and start putting pen to paper? Have you decided to quit procrastinating on that idea you have been nursing for way too long? Have you decided to choose to start, no matter how small?

Success is waiting for you to decide now! See you at the other end.


(For a narrative that will paint a picture for you, please read ‘THE LATER HIM’ by @chijy )

7 thoughts on “You, Yes You! You Don’t Deserve To Be A Successful Writer!!” by Stanley Esdee David (@stanfuto)

  1. Yes, all one needs do is make the move and keep it up.
    @STANFUTO, I’m honoured by your reference.

  2. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)


  3. It’s so catchy. you cant just help but to read. nice tips there.

  4. @stanfuto. Nice one from the catchy title to the end.

  5. Very nice write up…..

  6. well…i don’t know what to say yet

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