What Mystery?

Tall like a palm tree
The body cloaked in a black barqua
Legs hidden inside black socks
Hands covered in dark gloves
Face covered with a black veil
The only thing visible to the eyes
Are two eyes masked with black veil

This is not a Halloween costume
It’s not an African masquerade
A mystery is hidden behind this covering
Weather a beauty or a monster
We will never know

6 thoughts on “What Mystery?” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    I like this…

  2. i am happy you like it

  3. You have such a fascination with this topic. I can’t help wondering where it stemmed from. Good work

    1. thanks dear…
      i schooled in the north i guess.

  4. @obiink. Nice one I love your poems short and straight to the point. I do not support women covering themselves in hijab but if they do it as a matter of choice well that’s there own wahala. But don’t forget most times we still can’t tell the monsters or beauties even among those who do not cover themselves up.

    1. thanks bro…
      you are right.
      the monsters are even more among those who don’t cover themselves up

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