Under the Sun

Under the sun dreams unfold into reality and the reality becomes history

It was a rainy day somewhere in the city of Lagos, the Iroko trees swinging from left to right and people moving haphazardly looking for shade. Shop owners locking their shops and the market women trying so hard to cover their goods with their thick polythene materials. Luckily for Kunle the rain started few minutes after he arrived work, he has saw this coming. The dim dark blue sky and the moisture hazy wind, this are signs that prompted him to hasten up so he could get to work faster.

Kunle got to work exactly 8:00am with all smile, staring at the sky as he said to himself “Oh boy if i had spent a little more minute this rain for drenched me” .

Kunle a young man approaching his mid twenties, tall and dark in complexion with look of a black African model. His dark ebony skin would give a dashing glowing smile at sunshine, his black almond eyes looking sensually penetrative could see and breakthrough into the walls of many heart discerning hidden mysteries of the heart. His thin muscular body looking like that of chiseled sculpture gracefully done by a sculptor, his low hair cut and well trimmed beards would mistake him for a smart business man. He is an epitome of African beauty with ravashing looks.

Kunle quickly turned towards the table of their ever looking smart receptionist “Misturat”. ” Misturat” a busty bleached skin lady anyone would mistaken as a Yoruba actress. ” Good morning Misturat, abeg where is the signing book” ?

Misturat gracefully returned Kunle’s greeting with a pleasant welcoming smile and handed over the signing book to him. Kunle signed in as quickly as possible and fled to his call of duty. When its time for working and hustling Kunle is phenomenal, he is the perfect example of a Lagos street boy. He as a machine operator, from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday then Saturday for extra time.

After all the hard day job it was finally 5pm the Kunle’s official closing hour, suddenly Kunle hushed out of the factory and headed straight to the bathroom to freshen up. He hurriedly came out if the bathroom dried his body with a towel he picked from his designated locker, he hurriedly picked his boxers shorts and quickly wore it , followed by his “I was white” singlet, jeans trouser and shirt. Shortly after he came out of the dressing room he headed straight to “Misturat desk to signing out from work for the day.

He was in a haste to leave the factory, wishing he could dissappear out of the place at the snap of his fingers. He doesn’t want his Indian supervisor to make him work some extra hours more as Mr Galazan hates seeing idle workers, there is always some thing more to do with ” Galazan”. He is the real personication of a perfectionist, getting things done right by all means. When he finds Kunle or any of his staff idle he would immediately find something for him to do. Like Kunle would most times mimick his boss while catching fun with his colleagues at the factory’s cafteria.

” Kunle come come please deri is one machine over deeri, go fix it”

Kunle would replay swiftly saying
” But sir I have already closed, the time is 6’O clock’ ”

With all manner of anger Galazan would reply with his strong Indian accent ” what diri you mean, i pay you, I don’t care even if you work till 12 midnight, do what I ask or I fire you !

His colleagues would laugh and laugh as Kunle display the perfect mimicking of his boss, this action would earn Kunle free lunch and drinks from his colleagues. He is such a natural entertainer .

Like the heavy machinery in the factory working from dusk till dawn so Galazan wants his workers to work, he cares less of his workers welfare and time. Kunle occupies two vital positions in the factory, he works as a machine operator and a machine engineer. But he only get paid for being a machine operator, all thanks to the exploitive “Mr Galazan” his boss.

Kunle was in haste to leave the factory hall when he saw Mr Galazan from afar walking steadily with his attention fixated on the several machines making boisterous sounds in the factory, like a smoke disappearing into the sky Kunle left the factory hall. The secretary of the factory Misturat whose table was situated right beside the entrance of the factory was with all smile as Kunle fled, she sighed and said

“The fear of Galazan is the begining of wisdom for this company o, omolomo oseni saa” ( Why won’t he flee)

Like a prophet Kunle has successfully predicted his boss next plan of action . Mr Galazan a short Indian man with a mustache like that of Hitler’s, with a bulgy eagle eyes and a pot belly. Mr Galazan would have make a perfect strict school lecturer. He approach the secretary desk looking a distance away scanning all through with his fierce looking eyes searching for Kunle, he tried staring harder to see if he would find him but he couldn’t. This prompted him to immediately asked Misturat the receptionist

“Where is that Kunle boy ” ?

Misturat replied
” Kunle closed from work 5mins ago”

Galazan tighted up his serious looking face more at the response of the secretary, he looked into secretary eye and said

” so immediately its 5pm this lazy boy just disappear from work ? I go see him tomaro ” (I will see him tomorrow)

Kunle walking swiftly, wanting to leave the factory building asap, as he approached the gate he briefly exchange pleasantries with the gatemen, the security men checked him out and walked out of the gate. Just walking few metres away from the factory building he saw the Lagos yellow buses with the bus conductor hanging by the bus entrance shouting out destinations as though his life depends on it, what caught Kunle attention was “Agege” the bus conductor mention. He immediately waved to the bus signaling it to stop, driver saw him and slow down the bus for Kunle to enter. Kunle gave the bus a hot chase, he got close to the bus entrance and hopped in.

Just as Kunle was about to sit down in the bus, one of the bus angry passenger who was in haste to reach his destination on time exclaimed

” Shey na every bus/stop you go dey stop dey carry passenger, abi you think say we come play for your bus”

Other passengers joined the angry passenger and they started complaining the bus became rowdy as everyone was trying to make his or her point while the bus conductor too is trying to defend his boss the driver. This went on for fees minute, with Kunle sitting beside the bus window not minding the wailing passengers and the bus conductor.

Suddenly he felt his phone vibration, Kunle hissed and started grumbling with his hands trying to collect his phone from his tight jeans pocket

” This EmptyHen people no go allow person rest self with all this their useless messages wey them dey send give person self” (This phone service providers always trouble me with their Junk messages). He finally brought out the wanting to read and delete the message he assumed was from EmptyHen (the network provider). As he opened the message and he saw

” Credit alert of 10, 000 000 naira from Mr Owonikoko”

On seeing this Kunle got excited beyond measure and exclaimed

” Jisos ” !

So he immediately alerted the bus driver that he wants to get down from the bus

“Driver abeg stop ! stop I won come down ” !

The passengers diverted their grievance on Kunle, they started reigning abuses on him , one of them even raised an alarm

” Make Una check una pocket o, efit be one of those pick pocket boys” (Please you all should check your phones he might be a pickpocketer) Not minding them at all Kunle jumped out of the bus as the vehicle sped off. He tried to regain his balance as he mounted on the ground. He quickly scanned around the place the bus stopped him, he was looking for the closest ATM vending machine, he sited one and quickly ran towards it. With a mystic smile on his face he murmured

“God don punish this bank people, thank God say I bring my ATM card” ( I’m lucky that I have my debit card with me)

Just as he was trying to inslot his debit card he got another text alert from his phone

“Debit alert of 10, 000 000”

He saw this and crashed on the ground like a log of wood, and he screamed

“But why ?”

The credit alert he saw moments ago have been debited by the bank, it was a mistake done by one of the bank new staff. Kunle left for home devastated, he boarded the next available bus home.

He entered his one room apartment, small enough for him to live afterall there are some of his maried neighbors with kids living in their own one apartment too. In Kunle’s room was a standing fan placed by the right side and a Queen size be placed by the left end of the room, a small portable TV resting on the top of his reading table filled with books all neatly arranged, a small wooden wardrobe standing beside at the right position of the chair and finally a two seated chair taking the middle end position of the room. He also creatively built a kitchen cabinet and placed it at the right coner of the room close to his fan where he stores his utensils and cutlery.
Just as Kunle was entering his room, he immediately threw his bag towards the position of his chair. Then he went straight to his small cabinet, he brought out a bread and a bottle of peanuts. He opened the bottle cap and scribbled out some peanuts to his hand, he started mulching it with the bread. He was looking disdainful and lost because of the insident that happened earlier, Kunle ate as much as he could, returned the left bread and peanut into the cabinet, he drank some water and then finally laid on the bed. He was thinking hard and loud “How I wish the bank officials had waited a little more for him to withdraw a substantial part of the money, I would have immediately resigned from that slavery of a job”. As the soft air emanating from his standing fan blew him, he doozed off like a baby.

It was exactly 8 am and Kunle was still lying on the bed sleeping, few minutes later a Roaster ran across Kunle’s window and let out a loud crow at alerted him. Immediately Kunle heard the Roaster crow, he jumped out of his bed , he hurriedly picked up his clothes and put them on hastenly

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  1. This work still needs another round of editing, some errors spotted e.g insident, the signing book should have been written as attendance log book or attendance register. You started well but it was as if you rushed it at the tail end. I got confused at the *alert and debit of 10,000*

    1. Thanks for the observations, I have noted them all. And thanks for reading as well

  2. With regards to the question you asked about the Bank alert, the story still continues, that scenario led Kunle to something. Watch out for Under the Sun 2

  3. Nice write up…. Waiting for the next part ..

    1. Thanks bro, the next part is coming up soon. Thanks for reading

  4. @shovey I don’t think he really started well…I had already started seeing glimpses of errors from the beginning.
    @herexg , you can always improve…would be looking forward to the next.

    Keep writing

  5. @herexg
    As @praize pointed out there were errors right from the beginning of your story; this could discourage one from reading further. Please spend more time editing on the next episode. Good story-line though.

  6. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    Yeah,mistakes here and there bt I still got the gist of the story…

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