The Random Selector

He is not a man

She is not a woman

It exist without a passport

And without financial support

It is aware of when we were all born

It colludes with time, seamlessly

It mostly makes living forlorn

As it makes a sport of feeding ruthlessly

It is stronger than all metals

It is the visitor that invades palaces

It is the opponent in all hospitals

It is the fury of wars, the end of all menaces

Yes, it will come for you

Perhaps sooner than you are prepared

Hide in the mountains it will find you

Wherever you go it has appeared

So if it is certain that it will approach you

As it is certain you were born of sperm

Shall you wager God will not judge you

That you will go scot-free without any harm

The random selector is the only reason

Why I have hope that there will be a season

When all the evil men do shall be reckoned

When all the good men do shall be welcomed

If you don’t fear it, you delude yourself

If you fear a mortal more than it, you fool yourself

For when it selects you it is obvious

That all your labors are conspicuous

I can doubt paradise exist

But I am certain Hell exist

For those who are nature’s aberration

That chooses to be inhumane with selfish consideration

2 thoughts on “The Random Selector” by Ahmad Abdullah (@AhmadAbdullah)

  1. ojestar (@ojestar)

    Death is inevitable. We will ALL, one day, be SELECTED. I pray we encounter it in peace. A great piece of poetry.

    1. Than you for reading the piece and greater thanks for the comment. this is my first for poems. i hope more people will read and comment

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