The Lost Soul

Plunged into the ocean of darkness
Struggling in its impossible berth
Wishing I could escape this smoke of blackness
Feeding my soul with nothing but spiritual death

Oh, save my soul, for I know no peace
My conscience is drowned in the evil of my actions
My ways are paved on the path of the wicked
My nights are haunted by evil of my days

I escaped poverty, but I murdered my sleep
I destroyed potentials and the poor I cheated
I rejoice always at the wailings of the weak
I joined the league of the worst and the wicked

I failed to draw peace from the vastness of my possession
I couldn’t derive joy from the oceans of my wealth
My feet are quick to the house of the voodoo
Because my evil now eats through my health

Yes, I am lost, but I wish to be found
I have traded my peace with my carnal desires
Let the winds come and let Karma be invited
I bared my soul because I hope to be found!

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7 thoughts on “The Lost Soul” by KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

  1. beautiful piece…. love it and the message it carries

  2. Yes! The world has a lot of lost souls. Great piece I must say.

  3. i thank you all.

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