The Later Him

The old slopy dusty road had strangely become beautifully tarred. As if not strange enough, streetlights were everywhere. And stranger, Posh cars of different sorts drove past, and various skyscrappers stood firm by the sides of the spacious road too. Edmund was baffled. His father’s mansion used to be the only one in the area. He’d lived in the street all his life. How could everything had changed in a second? It was just unbelievable.

He moved on and soon got to his father’s mansion. It was nothing like what he had always known. The fence was in collapse, and the mighty shimmering silvery gate he knew was covered in rust. A big question mark appeared on top of his head. He peep through the gate, he saw several strange faces. And then he saw a white monument that had been browned with ages. On it were eched the words: ‘CHIEF JOSEPH CAREW
(1960-2030)’ Edmund blinked hard. The question mark standing on his head trippled. His father, dead? 2030? He was going crazy. Who were those people inside? And where was his mother? His face was wrinkled in confusion. He beckoned on a passer-by he suspected had lived in the the area for quite a long time.

“The owner of this house died years ago. His stupid and criminal son who was his only child carted away with all the money he had, leaving him and his wife with the house. The man, already hypertensive, died of shock at the discovery. His wife died a few years afterwards and the house became abandoned for so many years. The leaders of the land have finally taken over ownership of the house and have put the people you saw inside”
Edmund screwed his face, “What are you talking about?” It felt like the man was blabbing.
The man looked at him blankly, and simply walked on, ignoring his question. Edmund moved on.

He got to a small and filthy workshop. There was a haggard-looking man working on a Tiger Generator there. His bushy hair was ruffled and browned with dirt, his skin was colour-drained, and his hole-dotted clothes where rumpled and so dirty. Something he couldn’t make out attracted him to the man, and so, he halted. The man looked at him and shook his head, a wry smile on his face.

“Do I know you?” Edmund came closer, his almost closed eyes seemed like they were boring holes into the man.
“Hello Edmund” the man laughed.
Edmund screwed his face. “Who are you?”
The man smiled. “I am you”
His closing eyes opened up widely, “What did you say?”
The man repeated himself, “I am you, and you’ll be me”
“It can’t be, I can never be-”
“Shut up. I am you, and soon you’ll be me!” the man screwed his face in anger.
Edmund gave a cursory gaze, and then, he could see himself in totality in the man, his handsome face, his magnetic slender figure, everything. “My future self?”
The old man nodded.
“God forbid! It can’t be! I can-”
“I said shut up! Do you deserve any better? You useless and disgraceful human. Wasn’t it you who made me? And now you deny me? What a shame”
Edmund trembled at the roaring of the man. He was going crazy. Just what was going on?

A car had parked at the scene. The owner, a fine man dressed in a blazing black tuxedo suit, had come out and was watching, a smile on his face. The dirty man greeted him.
“Hi” the fine man replied.
Edmund turned to look. And to his shock, it was the same person, the same dirty man, but in a richer fresher countenance. He was clueless. He looked at the dirty man in search of an explanation.
“It was the other you who made that fine man. But you fought him, and won, and made me.”
And while he explained, some thugs came and took all his money, and beat him until he died. Edmund was so petrified that he couldn’t speak.
“You’ll die like that” It was the fine man. The smile on his face had vanished.
A great fear crawled into Edmund’s heart.
“Yes, you will die that way, in misery”
“No. I don’t want to die like that” he trembled.
“Then you must save the other you in you, he’s crying for help, and his voice has become so faint that hearing it needs rapt concentration. That done, you won’t die that way”

And so, Edmund breathed deeply, closed his eyes, and listened. And he could hear a faint voice, one that spoke peace, love, kindness, and purity. The more he listened, the louder the voice became. The dirty man’s carcass gradually transformed into a smoke and soon vanished into thin air.

When Edmund opened his eyes, he couldn’t recognise a thing. The fine man was still standing there, smiling greatly.
Edmund stared hard “And you are who?”
“I am you” the man laughed.
“You? Me? How is that?”
“I am you, and you’ll be me”
And once again, Edmund gave a cursory gaze. And then, he could see himself in totality in the man, his handsome face, his magnetic slender figure, everything. He smiled, “The later me?”
The fine man nodded.


Edmund woke up, it was a dream. He realised how awful his later days would be should his ways remain unchanged. He wept sore, and decided to turn a new leaf.

22 thoughts on “The Later Him” by Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

  1. Wow. Wow. This got my heart pacing. Somehow the story is very relatable. I like how you played with the three characters coming together. May our later selves be the better selves.
    Nice work.

  2. Thanks @stanfuto. And amen to your prayer.

  3. Three characters, one person. Surely, a tale that takes you on a time travel, but saves you–if you’re like me–the tiring details of a typical science fiction.

    Nice one.

  4. Job well done. i enjoyed the way the three characters merged at the end.

  5. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    Interesting read… I keep getting drawn to pieces with every read…

  6. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    Interesting read…

  7. This is really a nice job, I love the concept but it would have been better if you show that the character has a bad habit he needs to correct to be a better person.

  8. Thanks for your comment @Niyopumping. I understand what you mean but I think that letting the reader think whatever he/she wants sometimes makes it more interesting. A clue of Edmund’s bad ways is also given by the passerby in the story.
    Thanks once again.

  9. Interesting piece

  10. Scratch christmas… Ghosts of Edmunds’ past, lol. Nice message. @stanfuto‘s reference was in order.

  11. I love rare write-ups. I love being inspired. I was like woa! What is this. IT’S CALLED CREATIVITY. I struggled to understand at first but once I caught on, I was stuck to the end. Keep thinking outside the box bro

  12. Okay, this is by far the most creative piece I’ve read this month. I might have grossly underestimated your creativity in your most recent post so far, but after reading this I’m compelled to think otherwise of your ability. A story revolving around one person shared into three main characters, is no mean feat – not one I can easily duplicate. Bravo!

    And the style of writing this time, needless to say, is much more mature. However, I find the tense of penultimate sentence in the first paragraph particularly interesting.

  13. @Ezeagwu, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you’re convinced.

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