Sworn Enemies – Episode 1

Chapter 1
The Sworn Enemies
Jerry became obsessed with studying how to build
water car. Firstly, to do something great,
something extra ordinary. Secondly, to keep his
family alive because Chief constantly sent Chioma
to remind him that if he does not do it well or on
time he would be killed and his family also.
Jerry kept working like a maniac, expending his
time and energy on building it. Luckily, chief made
sure he got good and expensive food and even
fruits that kept him healthy. He slept in the
underground and worked in a workshop, which has
all the equipment he needed to succeed in the
building of his car.
However, his only regret is that Pastor Matthew
would be worried about him. He wondered how
Pastor Matthew was coping with the building of the
ark. He had told Chioma to tell Jessica that he
wanted to see her. So, he was relieved when
Chioma came into the workshop that day.
‘Did you tell her that I want to see her? I mean
Chioma was putting on a black bum short and a
blue armless top, a silver chain, complementing
her neck. She smiled at him and licked her lower
lips as she ran her fingers across the rough wall of
the workshop. ‘You don’t know how we do things
here… Nobody can talk to Jessica anyhow’.
‘Please, I want to see her’.
Chioma moved toward him to arouse his feeling as
she does but he was not ready to comply with her
wish, he moved back. He needed to continue the
few works he had started that day, planning to
meet the target he set for himself.
‘Chioma, we can’t be doing this everyday’, Jerry
said as he pushed her hands away from his body.
She eyed him and moved back, her leg, disturbing
the box of spanners on the floor, ’Jessica might
enter here anytime from now. I don’t want to be
seen as you know…’
She stared at him, and smiled, licking her lower
lips’ you are still your old self. Always avoiding
‘Ever since I came here, I’ve never avoided you.
I’ve never denied you of what you always wanted
but I’m tired. I need to face work and you know
any time we go on together, I always have this bad
feeling that I would miss heaven for this. Pastor
Matthew’s word just kept coming back to me and I
don’t want such to happen.’
She stared at him, and burst into laughter as she
placed her hands on his chest.
‘You know… This was what almost the same thing
you said the night before you left here and you
were never seen again until we saw you behind
that baba’s house. The night before you jumped
into the carnal’
Jerry was eager to hear her out,’ I jumped into the
‘Can’t you remember anything at all?’
Jerry shook as he gently placed what he was
holding down and faced her.
‘That night we were having a get- together… I so
much desired to sleep with you because you were
uptight, and too rigid for my liking. If you said you
wanted to stay fine because of your wife, I would
have understood you then. But you were just
saying you cannot sin against God…I got
Jerry stared at her, and made sure he pushed
every equipment away from his reach. He does not
want to get angry and hit her with one of them.
The body reacts faster than the mind can wish.
From the look of things, she caused some of his
woes and he needed to keep his cool.
‘So, I mixed a little something into the juice you
were drinking that night, and I allowed you to go to
the toilet and then followed you there. My surprise
that day was that you were able to stop me from
having a good time with you despite the effect of
the drugs I put in your drink but I was able kiss
The connection was not there but he could not
help but wished he were as he was then. He
wished he could be the same person who could
fight his desire for a nice time with Chioma.
Chioma was driving him crazy and he needed to
ward her off.
Someone entered the workshop, they both turned
to see Once coming in.
‘Yes… What do you want?’ Chioma said, snarling.
‘Is that of any concern to you?’
‘Yes… I’m concerned’, she said, eyeing him. ‘I’m
chief’s P.A and you know what that means. It
means that I have the right to query any foreign
body that wants to disturb Chief’s work’.
‘You crazy… I’ll kill you’ Once said, folding his
hands and came near her, his height should
frighten anybody, but Chioma stared at him
standing her ground. Jerry could not help but
notice the little resemblance they had.
‘It’s your mother that is a crazy… You are just
jealous that Chief gives me preference over you
and that I have the authority to do anything to you.
I can tweak your information and tell Chief you are
having shady deals. I can tell him about the
businesses you did offline. The one you did not tell
him, those illegal assassinations.’
Jerry stood there looking from one person to
another as if they were playing table tennis.
‘Chioma, watch out for me’, Once said, his veins
showing under his skin, and his hand folded as he
pointed it at her nose’ I’m your death’.
Chioma erupted into a spree of laugher and held
her stomach.
‘You can do nothing’, she said moving towards
him, and stepping on his wounded feet.
Once pushed her. Her back hit the wall. He lifted
her off the ground with his left hand, and pushed
her back against a wall as she gasped for
breathe.’ If you dare try to do anything foolish
again in your life. I will kill you’.
He dropped and left the workshop, dragging his
‘Once, I will kill you… I swear…’ She screamed as
she rose from the ground.


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