The Secret To Being A Great Writer

“Oh my God! you are such a great writer. What is your secret?”

If you are a lover of words strung into beautiful sentences and, ultimately, compelling stories, you must have made that statement and asked that question before. We all love secrets, they give us a sense of mystery, importance and deification.

I always wanted to know the secret to becoming a great writer. I searched and searched and searched till I found it, and boy, it is the greatest secret ever. Trust me, if you apply this secret, you will see your writing improve so much so that you will surprise yourself with the kinds of work you’ll churn out.

The secret to becoming a great writer is UNDERSTANDING THAT THERE IS NO SECRET!!!!


Hold on a minute, I know you are disappointed. I know you wanted to hear a very catchy or cliche phrase. Nada. That is all there is! The secret you have been looking for is UNDERSTANDING THAT THERE IS NO SECRET at all.

MYTH: It takes great talent and intelligence to write a good book or piece.


FACT:  Many people who are less talented than you, or who are less proficient with written word have published books or written materials that are winning hearts and doing fine.

So there you have it. Your greatest asset is your presence, your persistence and your pen. Start writing. It might not make sense, and you may not feel like your work is good enough (I feel that way many times, but people read my scrappy works and claim to be blown away by them), but write all the same. Just write, and keep writing and keep writing.

Of course, it helps to learn the systems that guide a good writing, but you don’t need to wait till you enroll at University of IOWA before you put your words out. Your writing is like your voice. Babies begin to use their voice even before they learn how to say their ABCs.

Then, if you are like me, you always, always have ideas for stories and you never start them- and when you eventually start them, you abandon them halfway and run off to another one. I am repenting from that sin, please join me in repenting. The gods of writing are angry!

Finally, allow me to leave you with SETH GODIN’s goldin(read golden) words:


Because you give a lot of excuses for not writing, allow me to tweak it to:


10 thoughts on “The Secret To Being A Great Writer” by Stanley Esdee David (@stanfuto)

  1. I will join you in repenting. Thanks a lot.

    1. Yes o @ojestar. The gods are happy to hear this.
      I hope it spurred you to action.

  2. Thanks for the advice.

    1. You are welcome @simisolaade.
      Keep writing and keep improving!

  3. Nice piece–the colours were nice too.

    The truth is, sometimes we judge ourselves unfairly after reading the works of some ‘great’ writers. Have you ever considered that the name ‘namdi’ may just be the pen name of a group of writers, not just the name of one person? Same goes for some of those ‘great’ works–one name, several contributors. Like you just read: SHOW UP SHUT UP!, SIT DOWN AND WRITE! And try to challenge yourself once in a while.

    Ah! before I forget: ‘namdi’ is the pen name of one person–who writes, proof reads, and edits his own himself!

    1. We sometimes make the mistake of judging our weaknesses by the strengths of others. We just need to show up, shut up, sit down and write and (I like this one)
      “And try to challenge yourself once in a while.”
      Thank you @namdi

  4. Funny one @namdi but very true nonetheless. Many people contribute to make great writers release great works.

    1. You are right @MaggieSmart. Many great writers publish collaborative works. Some even pay ghostwriters to write for them.

  5. “The secret you have been looking for is UNDERSTANDING THAT THERE IS NO SECRET at all”, that said it all…

  6. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    me likey,thanks

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