Say ‘you’ Not ‘all’

Say ‘you’ Not ‘all’

Our no shall now be no,
When the truth is known.
Say my yes shall be yes,
And not ‘all’ yes and no,
For you know not,
What they know and hide.

Our unjust must now be just,
When the lies are sowed,
Shown and reaped.
But say not ‘all’ just and unjust.
As we all know,
Not all men shall weep.

Our lies should certainly become truth,
Times the truth uncovered.
Attest only your soul’s prescence,
Without giving way to ‘all’.
And your faithful heart,
Cleared of false assumptions.

3 thoughts on “Say ‘you’ Not ‘all’” by Adegoke Adeola (@Coolcrown)

  1. Sweet and simple

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