The River Between Two Kingdoms

Swept away in the tears
That she wept
Adajioke became the river
Between two kingdoms.
Her father’s and her the warrior
She was betrothed to.

She is the grape tree that refuse to bear a fruit
Not for her reluctance
But for the gods niggardly nature.
Her futileness affected her world,
Her beauty became the withered rose,
Her dishes, tasted deliciously stale
Her presence, became unfelt
Her bed became desolate.
She became Noah’s ark
Sailing through in solitude.
All alone,
She became a stranger in her home.

If her man hadn’t hit
The calabash on her suku plaited head
She wouldn’t leave in fury
Towards her father’s house
Just to become
The river between two kingdoms.

One thought on “The River Between Two Kingdoms” by Gideon Oyediji (@gswagz)

  1. Marriage is not just for procreation. Couples should understand this so they will live a happy life together hoping someday God answers their prayers. Nice job. Keep writing.

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