Pray for my soul

Pray for my soul

Bethlehem – the birth place of the savior, the Prince of peace
Yet they make weapons of war
History is the nightmare that I run to for solace
For I await God’s apology for creation’s greed laced in hope
His followers kill the unbelieving
And the unyielding and unwilling stamped doomed for calamities
The calamities I live with are perpetrated on me by those in cloaks
Connected with the divine they break bread with slave masters
I seek wisdom and not strength so I don’t beat myself to death
I know what I want to do but for now I do what I have to do

I am one with many as a part of a whole
My soul catered for by laws that see me as but a number
GDP increases as livelihood diminishes
In a country of plenty I’m saddled with the dishes
The crump for the dogs as I await handouts
To shout from behind is to be uncivil and a sellout
Am I not also a Nigerian?
Do I bleed differently when denied justice?
I am warned I can’t choose the law to obey for that is unjust
Yet they are given portfolio when they siphon funds
Do I need to break the law in a fancy way to be exempted and appreciated?
I am a human being without rights and a Nigerian without an identity

Woken up from great slumber and dragged out at night
Mutilated by every object which could inflict pain
Dragged through the streets as open doors greeted with jeers
And those whose opinion differed stayed bound in the chains of fear
The chibok girls remain in captivity, policies are still made
Will the girls still be lost if they were Buhari’s daughters?
What if they were Obasanjo’s? Dangote’s? Chief Imam? Bishop’s kids?
Today a kid is killed, tomorrow another butchered – news made, figures stacked up
Schools without walls, hospitals without drugs, I live without life
Our freedoms fought for by majority of men in their thirties
Today we have leaders negotiating with death in their eighties
Our future mortgaged to build that of their kids
In my life time – a negro rules the most powerful nation in the world
A president has died in power and another turns presidency to inheritance
Political positions given out of appreciation

Yet I wait to see a law that judges the rich and the poor without bias
The Muslim, Christian, traditional and atheist on same platform
Place the educated and uneducated side by side
Racism and tribe taken deeper roots than physical segregation
Today I sit and wonder what will happen if the currency loses value
And we rewind to the past – making yesterday tomorrow
To a time when the currency that exist is trade by barter
What shall the rich trade for the farmer’s crop?
How poor will the rich become to get their needs met?
The law fails daily, for a law that is unjust isn’t justice
I walk daily towards a choice
Resist the law and be labeled a criminal or
Speak through books hoping someone picks up the baton

A man who believes in himself becomes a majority of one
Democracy should uphold the voice of many over the power of one
In my vicinity the one with power is the majority
And the majorities whose rights are trampled are but minority
For their death is but a necessary lost to build the nation
Not celebrated as heroes for their death but as life inconsequential
I pray I choose the later –
Bleeding daily is driving me to delusion –
At delusion’s palace, the choice is made for my soul by the weapon it sees
A gun with bullets or a biro with ink
I pray I choose the later
How long can I stand as minority and instill pride in my descendants though I fall
An unjust law is no law at all
And I have a right to respond with violence or civil disobedience
You should pray I choose the later

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  1. Amazing Dreams (@Pierre@7154)

    I sincerely pray you choose the! later. Good one lawyer

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