“The only reason another beauty has not been born….
Lilies fade at the sight of your festoon strides.
Your spark is life.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
For theirs is the kingdom of love”

An averment of dignity,
Resting always on a happy-joyful mood.
An endowment of beauty,
Hinged on a sexy-feminine mould,
Crested with two orange breast and a torso,
That milks ecstasy from a gentleman’s eyes,
While pitching the Ungentle against himself in a relentless tussle.

As her smiles brittle a man wish in a relationship,
Making him sprout like the oil-bean tree from NIFOR amidst plenty,
Powering his obligatory work force,
Like a philanthropic Chinenye by one’s side as an Nwafor.

Yes Nancy,
She is colorful cloth,
That wife material a man would wish for.
She is a clean clove,
That fine flavor a good food is made of.
She is amiably close like an indeed friend,
A neighbor’s heart that is not far.
So please tell me my brother,
If I don’t at least make her this smile,
What am I a friend for?

For I miss her heart’s lonely lyrics and rhythm,
It’s suffocating time of emotional sweet pains,
I could not clear before leaving.
I miss her company,
I miss Chinenye’s factory of pastors’ daughter’s smiles.
I miss them!
But thank God we are all still living.

One thought on “Nancy” by silvabright (@silvabright)

  1. I just realized that no matter how much you love someone and even though they’re not with you, just the simple act of giving thanks for having met them and for the fact that both of you are still alive, gives hope.

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