Too Much Sweet Meat

2-4 zone’s EROTIC SERIES

(For Sophisticated minds)

She sat astride him.  Their eyes ate each other up. He edged closer till his head was buried in her picture-perfect cleavage. She guided his head from one mound to the other.


‘They are yours,’ she murmured throatily. His mouth descended on the commanding tips with the hunger of a famished leopard. Her yelps and moans filled his ears. He felt her adjust slightly and her inviting pathway became equidistant with the huge iroko throbbing between his legs.


A wild joy ride began. He held on firmly with his hands and mouth as she bounced atop him, throwing her arms up, then around him. Their flow of dirty words mingled with feral cries and throaty groans.  His manhood pounded, penetrated and pierced with a velocity he never knew he had. She virtually merged into him.


The poor chair’s groans became screams.  It had had enough of the sport.  Both of them could hear its protests but pleasure’s roller-coaster was beyond their control.  He tried to get his head back but with the arrogant breasts in his mouth; the deep valley between his eyes; the winding waist and the endless road between her thighs; it was a mission impossible.


A cry escaped her lips as the chair collapsed. They crashed to the floor, momentarily stunned. As if tuned in by an invisible hand, their eyes locked and they began to giggle.


‘Poor chair,’ she said.


‘Too much sweet meat,’ he replied.


‘But it couldn’t take it.’


He looked at her. ‘Can you?’


‘Want to bet?’


He rolled on top of her and the real fun began.



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  1. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    first time I’ll read some erotic piece here. well written, it sure sent some signals to the mind. lols

  2. Olukenny (@Olukenny)


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